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Strongest Team after 1st week of Battles (No spoilers)


Strongest team after 1st week of Battles  

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  1. 1. Strongest team?

    • Kelly
    • Gwen
    • John
    • Blake

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Team Kelly: Desz, Tanner, Madeline, Marisa, Ryan G, Kelsie, Emmalee, Sid (steal)


Team Gwen: Payge, Chloe, Ryan B, Liam, Van, Tori, Larriah, Carter, Joseph (steal)


Team Legend: John H, Tamara, Casme, Rio, Cami, James, Bailey, Julia (save), Lauren (steal)


Team Blake: Jim, Worth the Wait, Ian, Aaron, Sam, Ben, JusJon, Taryn (save)


So all of the coaches but Blake have used their steal so far, but he used his save, who do you think has the strongest and weakest teams as seen in the first week of battles. Take in account the steals and the quality of the performances of the teams so far.



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1. Team Kelly- Her team got stronger with the adquisition of Sid, and Desz killed it in her battle. Madeline surprised as well.


2. Team Legend - John H. is phenomenal, and Lauren was a good steal, but Tamara was really disappointing, perhaps for the song choice, but still. And he kicked Sid out as well.


3. Team Gwen - Payge is great, and Joseph was very good in the battle, good steal. 


4- Team Blake- Taryn proved to be a firecracker, and Jim is good, but nothing else really stood out from his team in this first week of blinds.

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  1. Kelly - Picking up Sid boosted her, and Madeline and Desz were both strong as well (the latter, I expected; the former was a pleasant surprise).
  2. John - Losing Sid cost him a bit and a couple of his song choices have been not well-suited to either artist, but at least he hasn't really had any battles that blatantly catered to one artist over the other.
  3. Gwen - Joseph wouldn't have been my first choice as a steal, but he was good in his battle so no complaints here; Payge vs. Lauren was also a strong battle. However, she can't be moved beyond here since she's only had one battle shown in full thus far.
  4. Blake - Taryn was likely a smarter choice for the 4-way KO than WTW but she was stronger as a solo artist than any one WTW member, and we're gonna pretend that neither of his other battles happened (though Jim did end his song well). 
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voting potential:

1. Kelly - she has a mix of pop, country, opera, a diva, and of course, sid. it's actually a really good team.

2. John - has john h., who's very interesting, a diva, country, and then several different kinds of singers

3. Blake - without considering blake's boost for votes, the only reason his team is third is because he has too much country.

4. Gwen - she has some of the most interesting singers, but too often doesn't help her unfortunately.



(edited after seeing vintagevoice's response and also thinking about it a little. kelly's team probably has better voting potential than john's because tamara doesn't seem to be as popular as desz, and ryan g's massive popularity could get her to the finale).


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1- Kelly = She has Sid, Ryan, Marisa  Tanner, Madeline and DeSz. I think this is the strongest Team Kelly that I've ever seen.


2- John = He has John H, Cami, Julia, Lauren. I like Tamara but as @Misirlou said she was a big disappointment. He would have the strongest team had he not thrown Sid out of his team I mean Imagine a top 3 consisting of John H/Cami/Sid.


3- Blake = He also has a great team consisting of  Jim, Taryn, Worth The Wait. All improved a lot from their BA.


4- Gwen = Lain was one of her only frontrunners and she let go of him. At least she still has Carter and Payge. Also Joseph was a great addition to her team.


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1. Kelly - Getting Sid definitely boosted her team up for me, and now that a few people have been eliminated, I can say that I like everyone on her team (except Tanner :yawn:)


2. John - I still think he has some strong contenders but of the ones we've seen so far, no one really did anything in the battles to SOLIDIFY their frontrunner status.


3. Blake/Gwen - These teams are being carried by Taryn and Payge respectively. 

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