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Favorite Knockout Closing Performances


Favorite Last KO or CB?  

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  1. 1. Favorite Last KO or CB?

    • Season 3 - Cassadee Pope with "Payphone" VS Susanna Choffel with "Could You Be Loved" ~ Cassadee wins - Susanna eliminated.
    • Season 4 - Cáthia with "Mr. Know It All" VS Ryan Innes with "I Don't Wanna Be" ~ Cáthia wins - Ryan eliminated.
    • Season 5 - Matthew Schuler with "Cosmic Love" VS Will Champlin with "When I Was Your Man" ~ Matthew wins - Will stolen.
    • Season 7 - Anita Antoinette with "Rude" VS Craig Wayne Boyd with "Can't You See" ~ Anita wins - Craig stolen.
    • Season 8 - Joshua Davis with "Arms of a Woman" VS Lexi Dávila with "Anything Could Happen" ~ Joshua wins - Lexi stolen.
    • Season 9 - Regina Love with "Midnight Train to Georgia" VS Riley Biederer with "XO" ~ Regina wins - Riley stolen.
    • Season 10 - Kata Hay with "Why Haven't I Heard from You" VS Joe Maye with "Earned It" ~ Kata wins - Joe stolen.
    • Season 11 - Aaron Gibson with "Die a Happy Man" VS Josh Halverson with "Whiskey and You" ~ Aaron wins - Josh stolen.
    • Season 12 - Troy Ramey with "Chandelier" VS Stephanie Rice with "Safe & Sound" ~ Troy wins - Stephanie stolen.
    • Season 13 - Anthony Alexander with "Mercy" VS Hannah Mrozak with "Love on the Brain" ~ Anthony wins - Hannah stolen.
    • Season 14 - Kelsea Johnson with "Rise Up" VS Sharane Calister with "All I Could Do Was Cry" ~ Kelsea wins - Sharane stolen.
    • Season 15 - Michael Lee with "Whipping Post" VS Chris Kroeze with "Burning House" ~ Michael wins - Chris saved.
    • Season 16 - The Bundys with "The Letter" VS Andrew Sevener with "Modern Day Bonnie and Clyde" ~ Andrew wins - Bundys eliminated.
    • Season 17 - Damali with "Sober" VS Gracee Shriver with "Leave the Pieces" ~ Damali wins - Gracee stolen.
    • Season 18 - Toneisha Harris with "Diamonds" VS Cedrice with "Love on the Brain" ~ Toneisha wins - Cedrice stolen.

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Best matchup is hands-down Matthew vs. Will - Cosmic Love remains iconic to this day (there's a bootleg version on YouTube that's sitting at 1.something million views years later, which considering it was at some point in Season 5 that The Voice's YouTube channel hit the 1M subs mark is a pretty big deal) and Will's When I Was Your Man is consistently ranked as one of the better versions of the song in the show's history.


Anita vs. CWB, Kelsea vs. Sharane, and Toneisha vs. Cedrice are the only other ones where I liked both artists, but none of them are on the same level as Matthew vs. Will for me personally.


Others where I liked one of the artists (who's bolded) but not the other:

Kata vs. Joe

Troy vs. Stephanie

Anthony vs. Hannah

Michael vs. Chris

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