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Best If i aint got you performance


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  1. 1. Best If i aint got you performance

    • S2 Jesse Campbell & Anthony Evans
    • S3 Nicole Nelson
    • S7 Elyjuh Rene & Maiya Sykes
    • S9 Viktor Kiraly
    • S11 Lauren Diaz
    • S12 Chris Blue & Vanessa Fergusson
    • S14 Hannah Goebel
    • S15 Lynnea Moorer
    • S17 Alex Guthrie

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Tied between Chris & Vanessa and Jesse & Anthony.


Jesse & Anthony were the kings of this song, they literally had a battle. They gave a very manly soulful version to the song.


Chris & Vanessa sang it with so much class and they really blended well together, I would listen to their version all day.


P.S. Still bitter that Season 2 did not have any steal lmao, Anthony was just robbed, but Jesse deserved the win. Also, still bitter that Vanessa was automatically eliminated, her and Chris' song line-up was the best for me that night lmao.

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