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Ariana Grande


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1 hour ago, VoiceFan! said:

imagine getting an IG follow from Ariana Grande...I WOULD LITERALLY CRY


and now 12 ppl (plus even her steals so 14) are gonna be followed by her, which is basically the equivalence of winning 

Honestly. :haha: I can’t share much, but after hearing about some of the things she has done for her team, I would join in an instant. 

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A few things for today: 


Another look from the Voice (this appears to either be from the Battles or the Knockouts)…






It has been 13 years since Ari’s Broadway debut! 🤍



Ariana posting about Kelly’s upcoming Christmas single! 🥰

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  • 2 weeks later...

Ariana is building quite the team on the Voice! :w00tbounce: 



I encourage everyone to check out the amazing artists that joined her team...

Bella DeNapoli - Instagram | YouTube (Audition)

Chavon Rodgers - Instagram | YouTube (Audition)

David Vogel - Instagram | YouTube (Audition)

Hailey Mia - Instagram | YouTube (Audition)

Jim and Sasha Allen - Instagram | YouTube (Audition)

Katherine Ann Mohler - Instagram | YouTube (Audition)

Katie Rae - Instagram | YouTube (Audition)

Raquel Trinidad - Instagram | YouTube (Audition)
Vaughn Mugol - Instagram | YouTube (Audition)

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Ariana seemed unsure whether to press her button during the auditions. I get that it's her first season and she'll probably be a little nervous or something but I wish she was a little confident in herself considering she obviously has a good ear for talent. 


The same thing could be said for Nick but atleast he turned first on some artists whereas Ari seemed to only turn  after the other coaches pressed (especially Blake)


Nonetheless, I have no doubt she'll be a great coach.Hope she can be more confident in her decision In the Playoffs.



And sorry for making it so long lol

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2 hours ago, Bk1234 said:

A vocal masterpiece!! 🤩🤩

Santa can’t you hear me isn’t just a song. It’s a vocal masterpiece. It’s the food you eat, the air you breathe, the hug from a loved one, the kiss at night, and the amazon package you thought you didn’t need but in reality it was a great decision. 

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