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I was excited for this but its pretty disappointing for me. Maybe it with grow on me but this was a chore to get through on first listen. The title track is still great and I wish the rest of the album was more like it. However other than it I liked Off The Table with The Weeknd and  Safety Net with Ty Dolla $ign the most

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I totally agree. I've loved all her albums so far, even sweetener was ok, but this is easily her worst album to date and I agree it just felt like a chore listening to it. By the time I was halfway in, I was ready for it to just be over. There are very few standout tracks and even a lot of professional reviews are saying the same thing.


I don't like the overt sexual lyrics. I just don't think they're clever or creative at all. I don't mind songs about sex, which she's obviously done a lot of in the past, but at least when the lyrics are clever, it makes the song better IMO. For example, Taylor Swift has always done sexual lyrics really well, like "We can follow the sparks, I'll drive." You know what she's referencing but it sounds clever and poetic. "F*ck me till the daylight" or "Leave it open like a door, come inside me" is just... gross. And not clever at all. I'm massively uncomfortable with the idea that most of her fans are in middle school and listening to lyrics like this. 


The album is also not really about much of anything besides sex. It's just boring. That's all I can think of to describe this album is how f*cking boring it actually is. And for a 27-year-old with like 4 or 5 writers helping her write these songs, the lyrics should be way better. The lyrical quality is absolute garbage. Especially songs like "just like magic" with lyrics like "I get what I want 'cause I attract it, I'm so attractive" literally sounds like something a popular middle school girl would write in her diary. The writing is just totally juvenile sounding for someone in her late 20s. She clearly knows most of her fanbase is teens and tweens, so she is basically writing like one to appeal to them. 


As usual, her albums are always filled with too many unnecessary features. I don't feel any of the features added anything.


One of the very few pluses about this record is her vocals, as always. Especially "my hair," the whistles are definitely a highlight. I really like "pov" as well, I think that might be the best song on the album for me and the only one that really has any semblance of genuine emotion and relatability to it.


When I first heard the lead single, I was underwhelmed and thought surely the rest of the album would have better tracks. But once positions came on in the middle of the rest of the tracklisting, it quickly stood out to me and now feels like one of the highlights, which is really sad and shows how lackluster this album is. It easily could have been 2-3 songs shorter, there just feels like a lot of filler. The Weeknd song was especially boring. I don't even remember what most of the songs sound like, most of them were really forgettable. And the fact most of them clock in at under 3 minutes makes them even more forgettable and disposable sounding.


I feel like she could have explored more sounds on this album like with "my hair", "safety net", etc. Some of the songs just felt like the same recycled beat and melodies she's used for the last 3 albums. Thank U, Next was 100x better than this. Ironically it only took her 2 weeks to write that album and yet it's better than this trash she worked on for like 6 months lol 


My final verdict is that if you're a casual listener, you can honestly skip this album. Even sweetener I think had more to offer. 

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I enjoyed the album. I think sweetener and thank u, next were both tough acts to follow in particular, and I think they’ll both be more playable to me. But there were a few songs on here I really liked - “34-35”, “My Hair”, “POV”, “Nasty” and “Love Language” were probably my favourites. I’m growing on “Positions” too.


I think the back end of the album was stronger to me which is what helped me coming out of it and enjoying it more. I felt that some of the songs on there did a good job incorporating different sounds whilst also staying true to the overall sound of the album.


Unfortunately, I do think the top half of the album didn’t stand out for me too much and is what left me from really loving the album. I think “34-35” was one of the only songs there to really stand out for me. Also I was a little underwhelmed by the collabs...I feel like she and Doja could have done something really strong together but it wasn’t a huge standout to me. Same with The Weeknd collab, which I feel doesn’t really live up to “Love Me Harder”.


Overall though, I’m hoping it will be an album that I enjoy more over time! I’ll definitely go back to it and listen in full again.

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I agree, I think the back half was much stronger than the first half.


She did an interview last night with Zach Sang and gave more insight into the album that's worth a watch IMO: 



I gotta say she looks really ridiculous now though with the gigantic lips, they are so distracting and look like they're going to burst at any moment. She's doing too much with the gigantic false eyelashes too. 


I will say that I like something they touched on in the interview which is that they used strings for every song, which is something I really like that they incorporated into the production.


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11 hours ago, Oliviaaa said:


maybe unpopular opinion but dangerous woman is still her best album imo. 

Totally agree Dangerous Woman is her best, wish she would go back to that sound. Im just tired of the chill Urban/RnB style that Pop has been stuck in the past few years.

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