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Favorite original song?


Favorite original song (top 5)  

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  1. 1. Whose original song was your favorite?

    • Cammwess
    • Toneisha
    • Thunderstorm
    • Todd
    • Micah

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Toneisha's had a great message, solid lyrics, and showed off the lower end of her range well.

Todd's was a good blend of melody and lyrics, but it wasn't my favorite of the night.

Thunderstorm's was a tad sleepy at times but of all the songs it felt the most like something I could hear the artist producing pre-show.

Micah's was catchy and radio-friendly, but underwhelming in comparison to other songs.

CammWess's was catchy lyrically but there were parts that sounded a little flat to my untrained ear.

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Thunderstorm's original is actually good, kind of song that will get you into sleep (in a good way) and will make you feel peaceful.


Todd's original is perfectly suited for him, it's like it was really made for him. I like the arrangement and how Todd delivered it in the Finale.


Micah's original is surprisingly catchy and radio-friendly. I also liked how he performed it in the Finale.


Toneisha's original is good. It's message is also amazing, it shows her vocal strengths however, the edit in her performance in the Finale singing this song is cheesy and overly done.


Cammwess' original is also good, and catchy. However it is not my cup of tea.

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