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  1. Or any Asian, really. Other than Tessanne Chin, I've never seen any even make it into the semi finals.
  2. That would be a first! The Voice has never had a black female winner.
  3. Hello all- Haven't been on IDF in a while so lots of things to catch up! Anybody been watching AGT? I'm starting to see a lot of Voice alumni. Nolan Neal was on last year; this year I've seen Brooke Simpson and Sara Potenza.
  4. Gah, and enough with all the "team blake" posts all over FB...
  5. some heads would certainly explode.
  6. We haven't had a person of color win since Chris Blue btw. Odds that Cam will beat that trend?
  7. I do not know any of these people other than Justin Bieber.
  8. Geez, i hope this season doesn't turn into the "country voice" again!
  9. Kyla Jade was on Team Blake and she didn't win either.
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