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Bad coach decisions in battles/KOs


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Sometimes  the coaches choose  the wrong person in the battles/KOs!


ex. Preston Howell vs. Mendeleyev (s17 battle) - what was John thinking?


I really can't think of more right now, that one was particularly egregious.

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Just now, azwige said:

im not sure but Presley vs Rizzi? dont get me wrong. I'm a fan of Presley but Rizzi was so robbed. 

Brennan Vs. Gracee also, the fact that Brennan is a 4-chair turn and lose like that in a montaged battle makes me feel like WTF.

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Hot take:

There is absolutely zero reason why a single montaged performance should be on here lol

Y'all didn't see it, y'all don't know who did better. You just know that you liked the loser's audition better.


That being said, as a fan of both - Injoy was much stronger than Alex in their battle last season.




For this season, the only wrong decision I can think of was Micah/Tayler.

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