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  1. Top 10 1. Evan McKeel - Dare You To Move - S9 2. Vanessa Ferguson - If I Were You're Woman - S12 3. DeAndre Nico - Wanted - S15 4. Mia Z - Hold On I'm Coming - S8 5. Chloe Kohanski - Landslide - S13 6. Maelyn Jarmon - Mad World - S16 7. Ricky Braddy - So High - S17 8. Christian Cuevas - Superstar - S11 9. Nic Hawk - Genie In a Bottle - S5 10. Christiana Danielle - Elastic Heart - S14 Honorable Mentions: Khalea Lynee - Because You Loved Me - S17 Alisan Porter - River - S10 Michael Lee - Whipping Post - S15 LB Cre
  2. Guys! For those who read this, I am a fan of Micah and now some people are like "he doesn't deserve to move","he has no talent", "dry and unseasoned chicken breast" and like Tayler should have won etc. I read some posts that even want him to be thrown under the bus. As a fan of Micah I am hurt that he is being bullied. These accounts are specifically (holinessss) (ashwinner) and (QueenMae16) I know I kinda heat some things up by commenting to some post by them but they are getting far like they are insinuating a Fan War.
  3. I get it but it's kinda weird. M and K must mean something. Maybe M is her Middle Initial and K=Kohanski?
  4. Is there an explanation why Chloe made her Stage Name to Chloe MK?
  5. Sa'Rayah made a breakout performance after her controversial KO win and she was only saved by Alicia to move to Top 12 but her Top 12 song (Livin' on A Prayer) didn't allow her to shine and the performance was a mess. Some people says she was a screamer. Even her instant save performance was a mess. On the other hand, Mandi Castillo is a good singer but a lot of people didn't like the way she sings. Also, Thunderstorm moves to Top 17 maybe some people will forgive and forget what happened. In addition, we don't know if Mandi Castillo can pull something that's really good. We are no
  6. My Top 10 Favorites from S1-S17 in Order 1. Mia Z (Season 8, Team Pharrell) 2. Evan McKeel (Season 9, Team Pharrell) 3. Ali Caldwell (Season 11, Team Miley) 4. Alisan Porter (Season 10, Team Xtina) 5. DeAndre Nico (Season 15, Team Adam) 6. Christina Grimmie (Season 6, Team Adam) 7. Will Champlin (Season 5, Team Adam) 8. Christiana Danielle (Season 13, Team Alicia) 9. Domenic Haynes (Season 16, Team Adam) 10. Khalea Lynee (Season 17, Team Legend) Honorable Mentions Maelyn Jarmon (Season 16, Team Legend) India Carney (Season
  7. PV: Joanna Serenko CS: Toneisha Harris WC: Todd Tilghman Instantly Eliminated: Joei Fulco
  8. PV: Mandi Castillo CS: Cammwess WC: Zan Fiskum Instantly Eliminated: Mike Jerel
  9. PV: Thunderstorm Artis CS: Allegra Miles WC: Michael Williams Instantly Eliminated: Arei Moon and Roderick Chambers
  10. PV: Micah Iverson CS: Mandi Thomas WC: Megan Danielle Instantly Eliminited: Cedrice
  11. I think so too. But I think 2 months is not long (The coaches are touring and they are like spending a lot of time away from their family). For the contestants it can be like you are like going to live in a Big Brother House but you can have A Video Chat with your family.
  12. Brennan Vs. Gracee also, the fact that Brennan is a 4-chair turn and lose like that in a montaged battle makes me feel like WTF.
  13. Improper use of grammar? LMAO
  14. I just want to say some things regarding lives. Why didn't they assemble (The Top 17/+3CS + some producers) before lock down and go to place where there is a hotel + a place you can perform. I know this sounds a little bit costy but I think this a good idea. Though it's risky but they are Isolated and far from being affected by the virus. No harsh comment pls. I just have this weird idea.
  15. I have this list of some people who got far on the show and still I think was robbed so bad. 1. Ali Caldwell - Queen of being robbed. Imagine slaying your Instant Save but loosing to some mediocre country artist. Loosing before the finale in 2 Singing shows hurts the most. 2. Christiana Danielle - Her artistry is out of this world that's why Alicia saved her. I just don't get why she placed 9th or 10th. 3. Emily Luther - After killing your song in PO and still lose to some black rnb guy who sings pop and some mediocre country artist who are both boring. 4. Noah Mac - I stil
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