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Michael Williams Fan Thread


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12 hours ago, Elliott said:

Add me. He's from right by where I grew up and is friends with one of my best friend's younger brother. :haha: 


Added! You can say that you're sorta kinda friends with him (by extension). 😂




19 hours ago, jamescasaki said:

Add me I think he is amazing he reminds me of. Nick Jonas 

Added! He sounded good during that battle. I think he improved a lot since auditions.


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2 hours ago, Carlos3500 said:

Hey everyone! Michael actually has a full cover of the song he is singing tomorrow on his Youtube channel. Check it out- he sounds AMAZING! I think he has a shot at winning this so lets all vote him through! 

Yes, he sounds great on that cover👍🏻 It’s embedded on the first post above. 😊


BTW do you want to be added his fan list?

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