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IDF Redoes DWTS (Currently Doing Season 2 - Week 4 Results Posted!)


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Every season, it happens. The actual good dancers are passed over for the latest Mediocre White Guy™ that the general viewing audience throws their support behind even though they're awful. IDF collectively loses its mind and proceeds to have a meltdown. Well, now's our chance to correct all of that. We're going to go through each season and see how it would play out if IDF had all the control over votes.


It's the same seasons, but this time they're done our way.


All seasons will be posted in this thread, so we can have them all in one place. Please suggest what season you want us to do first.


SEASON 1 (Voting Breakdown)

1. Kelly Monaco & Alec Mazo (Elliott & *Diana) (=)

2. Rachel Hunter & Jonathan Roberts (taylorkat & *Lily) (+2)

3. Joey McIntyre & Ashley DelGrosso (*Wallace) (=)

4. John O'Hurley & Charlotte Jørgensen (-2)

5. Trista Sutter & Louis Van Amstel (*Chris) (+1)

6. Evander Holyfield & Edyta Sliwinska (-1)



Drew Lachey & Cheryl Burke (Elliott & *Chris)

Stacy Keibler & Tony Dovolani (*Diana & *Lily)

Lisa Rinna & Louis Van Amstel (*Lily & taylorkat)

George Hamilton & Edyta Sliwinska

Tia Carrere & Maks Chmerkovskiy (taylorkat & Elliott)

Giselle Fernandez & Jonathan Roberts (CarmenSandiego)

07. Master P & Ashly DelGrosso (Alex95) (=)

08. Jerry Rice & Anna Trebunskaya (*Wallace) (-6)

09. Tatum O'Neal & Nick Kosovich (=)

10. Kenny Mayne & Andrea Hale (=)


***(+), (-), or (=) indicates placement relative to a couple's finish on the actual season.

Edited by *Amanda
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7 minutes ago, FrogLenzen said:

+1 for Team Jordan. I tried to decipher the reason for the hate in the DWTS Rankdown thread but was unsuccessful. Could have used a more scathing write-up.


Also, let's do a SYTYCD Redo! Except just Season 3 going from Top 16 to Top 14. The end.

You missed some pretty epic fan wars back in the Season 25 days. :dead: 


That'll be next on my list!

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18 minutes ago, FrogLenzen said:

Also, let's do a SYTYCD Redo! Except just Season 3 going from Top 16 to Top 14. The end.

We used to have live redos for every season but they all went bye bye in the crash. :( The last three winners were Koine, Genessy and Gino. I’ve thought about redoing the redos once the board gets more active. 

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2 minutes ago, *Amanda said:

OK, We're gonna start with season 1 and go chronologically.


As per usual, I will allow 2 claims per couple, but I will be waiting until more people see this thread to open the claims. (!) 

I have no idea who to claim for S1.

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31 minutes ago, *Amanda said:

Also, if you have routine ideas for the celebrities who win inevitably last longer than on the actual seasons, please send them to me. This will be especially helpful for Most Memorable Year routines and Freestyles.

Just have them perform the routines of people who aren’t there. :haha: 

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Claims for Season 1 couples are now open.


Kelly Monaco & Alec Mazo (Elliott)

John O'Hurley & Charlotte Jørgensen

Joey McIntyre & Ashley DelGrosso

Rachel Hunter & Jonathan Roberts

Evander Holyfield & Edyta Sliwinska

Trista Sutter & Louis Van Amstel

Edited by *Amanda
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