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  1. Voting to Save: Kellie Bright: Simon Webbe: Stephhyy
  2. Joe McFadden Joe is an actor who won the 15th Series of Strictly Come Dancing with Katya Jones. I chose to cut Joe as out of him and Kellie he had the lowest average. I did follow his season a little bit, but don't really have the time to watch all of his dances, however I feel like cutting him here is good as he is probably one of the weaker winners of this rankdown (especially within the Strictly contestants) and because Alexandra Burke deserves to win her season in this rankdown. He had some really good dances like his Paso Doble, Quickstep and his dances in the final which all scored at least one 10, however his weakest dances were his Tango and Cha-Cha. I feel like this is the best write-up I can give him, as I didn't watch much of his dances and I feel like Wally and Lily would do a better write-up for him. SAVING: Manu Feildel
  3. Sorry been MIA, have been a bit busy with work and Cheer Competition over the weekend. But, Cut Joe Save Manu
  4. Sorry guys, having really bad internet at the moment, but I don’t know who to cut, so the first person to request a cut will be my cut. Will do my write-up when i have better internet (within the next 6 hours, hopefully)
  5. Vote to Save: Daniele "Dany" Hypólito - *Chris Clelia Murphy - Stephhyy
  6. Ganna Rizatdinova Ganna Rizatdinova is a rhythmic gymanst who won bronze in the all-round event in the 2016 Olympic Games. She competed on the 7th Season of the Ukrainian version of Dancing with the Stars (also known as Tantsi z Zirkamy) where she placed second with Oleksandr Prokhorov. There is not much information on her season on Wikipedia (as they don't really cover much of the International versions as much), however I did watch her Tango, which was great. I think with a lot more research and trying to watch more of her dances I would have saved her, but I think this is the right spot for her to go out on as I think we don't have a lot of information. SAVING: Rob Palmer
  7. Same, I know who to save. Just letting you know that I have been a bit sick with anxiety, so I will try to make my cut and save in a few hours
  8. Samuel Johnson Samuel Johnson is an actor and a advocate for cancer. He starred on a few Australian shows, which I cannot think of the top of the head, however he is more recognised for his charity work against cancer as his sister passed away a couple of years ago due to it. His sister was the reason he wanted to do Dancing with the Stars in Australia. He was in last year’s season where he was partnered up with Jorja Freeman and they won the competition. I don’t want to get too into his run (but will edit this later), but he was one of the top scorers of the season premiere. Recalling his run there are a few dances that stood out to me, which were his Contemporary and his Freestyle, however I know that a lot of people are going to be happy about this placing, but this is a great spot for hi to go out on. SAVING: Fifi Box
  9. So sorry I haven’t had time to look at these two journeys (been busy starting a new job), but I will promise to do it in the next few hours as I this is the first time I have had a look at the nominations
  10. I also agree with this and anyone is welcome to join
  11. You can watch Season 10 on Youtube I also wish that Channel 7 or a streaming service picked up DWTS Australia so we can rewatch all of the seasons
  12. I have come in here to express my thoughts on DWTS Australia being cancelled (and I might go on a rant, so excuse me about that in advance). I agree with some things that @DWTSFan2001 has said in regards to the fact that they picked out great hosts (who were both ex-DWTS contestants) and great judges (two of whom have dance on the American version and the other being a Judge on Strictly) that helped rejuvenate the show. I will say though that as an Australian who used to love these reality shows and watch some of them religiously, majority of them are over-produced and over-rated (Married at First Sight, I'm looking at you). But I think the main reason why it got cancelled, was because it was too much to produce and there are a lot of boring reality shows that highlight randoms who want to be celebrities and influencers (Again Married at First Sight and the Bachelor franchise, I'm looking at you). Now I won't have that many feel good reality shows to watch and that makes me sad. Ok, rant over.
  13. Vote To Save: Danell Leyva: Wallace Leo Miggiorin: Stephhyy
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