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  1. What seasons did Wally listed, cause I might have a few more for the Aussie version
  2. Okay, I forgot to include him, nut glad someone else did
  3. Should we add Chris Hemsworth for the lols, as he was on the Australian version and there is a video of him on YouTube?
  4. I dislike 3 of these contestants in the top 10...
  5. Darn it, I am the first person to have my number 1 exposed, so I hope that my number 20 is exposed today as well...
  6. @DWTSFan2001 Have you sent you're application in yet?
  7. Cool, I can definitely help you with finding videos for the Australian celebs (I'm Australian)
  8. @Alex95 I sent in my rankings and writeups
  9. @Deeee's novels will make up for the lack of writing I did (not lazy, just haven't seen much of the people's dances).
  10. I am doing small writeups,but I still ahve written up my 100 words for #19 and #20 yet...
  11. I just woke up, got half of my writeups to do, then I will submit.
  12. Celia is going to win, she was the celebrity who started the hastag #dancelikenooneswatching and it was a hit. I don't think a male celeb is going to win.
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