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  1. Sorry, just saw this now. Vote to Save: Aidan Fogarty - Wallace Gil Ofarim - Stephhyy
  2. James Jordan James Jordan is a professional dancer on Strictly Come Dancing (don't know if he is on it anymore, but anyway). He was on series 11 of Dancing on Ice partnering Alexandra Schauman. They won the series and recieved the highest average on the show. I haven't watched anything on Dancing On Ice, but given his status as a ballroom dancer, he was probably deemed to do well on the show, particularly on the partnering side of things. (anyone who has watched his season can back me up on this). I did watch his second skate on the semi final and it was okay, partnering was good. I want to cut him as I feel like he had an unfair advantage over the rest of the contestants that season and from what I have heard, his attitude on Strictly Come Dancing wasn't that great. SAVE: Grant Denyer
  3. I completely forgot about this. I know who to save, just don't know who to cut...
  4. I am happy to do either, just want to finish this game
  5. You are going to to respond in this game but not in the International Rankdown game... I don't know if I will join the draft...
  6. Have you tried asking @DWTSFan2001 I know that they know some of these contestants and Wally has been trying to ask if they want to join. Just a suggestion, but it is ok if they don't want to
  7. Vote to Save: Jake Quickenden - Wallace Jana Pallaske - Chris, Stephy
  8. Penny Lancaster Stewart I have decided to cut Penny as she is lowest averaged dancer out of the four left. Penny is a model, photographer and TV personality who is married to Rod Stewart. She appeared on Season 5 of Strictly Come Dancing, partnered with Ian Waite. They finished 9th out of 15 couples and only did 5 dances, which I will recap: Week 2: Quickstep to I’m Sitting On Top Of The World, scoring 33 out of 40 (8, 8, 8, 9) Week 3: Jive to Don’t Stop Me Now, scoring a 25 out of 40 (5, 6, 7, 7) Week 4: Samba to These Boost Are Made For Walking, scoring 32 out of 40 (8, 7, 9, Week 5: Foxtrot to This Can’t Be Love, scoring 35 out of 40 (9, 8, 9, 9) Week 6: Salsa to Higher, scoring 25 out of 40 (6, 6, 7, 6) From her scores, I feel like she could have made it further, however when you have a contestant like Aleesha Dixon on the cast, there was no way anyone else was going to win the season. I think I am satisfied with her leaving now, as her only standout dance was her foxtrot. SAVING: Toby Allen
  9. Sorry, been busy... Split living is a bit difficult, will make a decision within an hour
  10. Nadya Dorofeeva Nadya Dorofeeva is a Ukrainian singer who competed on the Fifth season of Tansti z Zirkamy (the Ukrainian version of Dancing with the Stars. She was partnered with Yevhen Kot and they placed second on the show. She did have the highest average of the season, which says a lot, but I feel like this is a good place for her to go out on as not everyone has watched the Ukrainian version. I did watched her some of her Contemporary (or what I think is her contemporary and she seemed like a natural. I do feel bad that I didn't save her, but it is what it is and if there is another rankdown, I will definitely keep her in mind for the long run.
  11. Vote to Save: Dayl Cronin - Lily, Stephy Nadya Dorofeeva
  12. Laura Whitmore Laura is a TV presenter who competed won Series 14 of Strictly Come Dancing, partnering Giovanni Pernice. Well I watched her dances and I thought that she looked a bit uncomfortable in her Cha-Cha and it was a bit cutsy. I watched her Waltz and it was much better and I think that was why she scored higher in her Ballroom dances compared to her Latin dances, as she felt more comfortable. I didn't want to cut another Australian contestant again (as I have been doing the past couple of rounds and because Wally already cut one of the ones I was thinking about saving), but I felt like out of all the contestants in this round, Laura had the lowest placement and I felt like it was time for me to cut another non-Australian contestant. Laura had a great round, but I feel like this is the right time for her to go. SAVING: Tim Campbell
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