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Megan's 2010s Music Lists


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Now That's What Megan Calls the 2010s
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Top 5 Albums

Top 20 Songs
Part 1
"Bad Girls" - M.I.A.
"Boyfriend" - Best Coast
"Dance Yrslf Clean" - LCD Soundsystem
"Dancing on My Own" - Robyn
"Giving Up the Gun" - Vampire Weekend
"Good Intentions Paving Co." - Joanna Newsom
"Jail La La" - Dum Dum Girls
"Katy on a Mission" - Katy B
"One Life Stand" - Hot Chip
"Ride" - Ciara ft Ludacris









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Though I see their album came out in 2019 and they seem like something I'd enjoy so there's still time. :haha:

They're a pop-rock band similar to HAIM but better, plus they're all queer so I'm sure you would. :haha: Their most recent album is a great listen.



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Top 20 Songs of 2010 pt. 1

I'm listing all these songs alphabetically. I just hate overloading one page with 20 videos. So, I'll break it up into probably 10 songs a post across two pages. I'm also not Wally and I don't write paragraphs for a single song. Because I'm not very verbose when it comes to music. Mostly just a "yeah this is good."

"Bad Girls" - M.I.A. (Vicki Leekx)

Look, I know this video was posted in 2012, but 2010 was a long time ago and originally MIA released this song on her Vicki Leekx mixtape which was released in 2010 and which I did have and therefore that was the first time I heard this song, rather than when she released it as a single 2/3 years later. The song is virtually the same and in order for me to not struggle listing songs on 2010 this gets included

"Boyfriend" - Best Coast

There are a lot of other Best Coast songs I could have listed but for breadth reasons I tried to keep it down to one song/artist except for special cases. To prevent like 2013 just being all of Beyonce. This song I think was a free download from iTunes so therefore I listened to it a lot. By then I was getting all my music legally because I fried a computer from LimeWire. LOL. And this was before streaming services so my iTunes library is all I had.

"Dance Yrslf Clean" - LCD Soundsystem

This is a weird long song that is also quite good. I kind of forgot about LCD Soundsystem until I started this endeavor so I'm glad to listen to this again.

"Dancing on My Own" - Robyn

If I was ranking the songs I was listing right now, this would very possibly be #1. It's an incredible song and I just listened to it at a bar on Friday and it's still incredible. This song is going to be perfect in 20 years.

"Giving Up the Gun" - Vampire Weekend

While I got my list all sorted out I didn't figure out what I was going to say about each one of them. Most of these songs I listened to when I was a Freshman/Sophomore in college. Some I didn't listen to again for a while. I like Vampire Weekend so including this song on my list was a no brainer.

"Good Intentions Paving Co." - Joanna Newsom

Some people love Joanna Newsom, some people hear her play and are like WTF. I, like Andy Samberg, like Joanna Newsom. She'll make at least one other appearance on this list (as she released two albums this decade).

"Jail La La" - Dum Dum Girls

Another band I'm a big fan of. Another band that will be featured more later on because they released another album I remember better (and I also happened to see them in concert that same year) in 2014.

"Katy on a Mission" - Katy B

Another artist I liked quite a lot in 2010/2011 and then kind of forgot about until I was revisiting 2010 to make this list. I feel like her first album was quite good and that her two subsequent albums were not nearly as good. At least for me. IDK Katy B fans go off in the comments if you feel differently. LOL. I'm sure there are many of you following this list.

"One Life Stand" - Hot Chip

At this point I feel like a broken record. It's also just quite astounding how much my taste changed between 2010 and 2019. And yet in some points it feels like I've not changed at all. I'm not as into electronic music as I was earlier in the decade but at the same time I feel like neither is pop music.

"Ride" - Ciara ft. Ludacris

I feel like Ciara has never really regained the fame she had in mid-2000s but with "Ride" it felt like she would. Unfortunately she did not and her only good song after this is "Body Talk" released in 2013.
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I was planning on catching up on this thread and ahh glad I saw that I only missed out on one set. I thought I was way more behind. OMGGGG LOL MY SHOUT-OUT @ “I'm also not Wally and I don't write paragraphs for a single song.” :dead: I love this list idea of going back all through the 2010s!



"Bad Girls" - M.I.A. (Vicki Leekx): Ooh I like M.I.A. and this is one of her songs I know/am kinda familiar with. I wish I heard this more but I do always enjoy this whenever I hear this. Such a cool jam and love her style and the chorus. :bobo:


"Boyfriend" - Best Coast: Don’t remember if I heard this song or not? The chorus kinda sounds familiar and I kinda like it - but overall not really my thing.


"Dance Yrslf Clean" - LCD Soundsystem: Heeard of this group but not this song. I like the beats and music here. The vocals/singing of it isn’t doing too much for me.


"Dancing on My Own" - Robyn: Great song from Robyn and I feel like this was her comeback song? Or at least where I remembered her being back in the music scene? Anyway, this is a great song and I do really like this. :yes:


"Giving Up the Gun" - Vampire Weekend: Don’t really know this song? It’s alright and I don’t mind it. It could grow on me but also not really my ting.


"Good Intentions Paving Co." - Joanna Newsom: I only heard of her name through the Music Rankdown but don’t really remember hearing her songs, unless they were on lists from you or Tom. Hmmm this is okay but not really my thing and probably needs a lot of time to grow on me.


"Jail La La" - Dum Dum Girls: Don’t really know this either. It’s okay but not doing too much for me.


"Katy on a Mission" - Katy B: Whoa I feel like I heard of Katy B and I feel like that was from you. I don’t know if I heard this song from her or another song. Anyway I do like her style with her singing and the music here. I am liking this while listening and it’s a fun jammy song here. :bobo: Looking forward to seeing more from her on this list.


"One Life Stand" - Hot Chip: Intersting on your sentence regarding your music taste. I feel like my music taste hasn’t changed much at all over the last decade. :haha: I don’t really know this song but this is alright while listening to it. I don’t dislike it and think it could be something that could grow on me. it’s fun.


"Ride" - Ciara ft. Ludacris: Ciara! :wub: Awww I understand and get your comments on her, although i still really like/love a lot of her music in the 2010s (though more in the 2000s). Anyway this is a hot jam and she brings and sells the sexiness of this really well. Hot jam and I am totally here for this! :bobo: And obviously my favorite of this set!

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