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  1. Add Me. Finally a male this season that I can stan.
  2. I thought Victor's "I Can Only Imagine" would be my favorite performance from him just by watching the studio but it ended up being one of my least favorite performances from him.
  3. Cam, Matt, and Julia. Hms to Chloe, Sid, and John H.
  4. s20: Cam - Feeling Good s19: Julia - Alaska s18: Thunderboy - Blackbird s17: Jake Haldenvang - Powerful HM: s20: Remaining Cam's performances + Corey's Already Gone, Gih's Glitter In The Air, Zae's Electric Love, Savanna's Black Hole Sun, and Kenzie's Beer Never Broke My Heart. s19: Ryan Gallagher - The Prayer/Time To Say Goodbye/I Surrender s18: Thunderboy - Summertime/Home/WAWW s17: Rose Short - God's Country + Katie Kadan - Always Remember Us This Way + Max Boyle - When The Party's Over + Jake Hoot - Cover Me Up.
  5. I agree that Kyla/Sisaundra etc..., also should've gotten the love but that doesn't mean Jordan wasn't deserving of the hype. imo Hmmmm I actually thought he showed great emotion in Halo, Chandelier, GITF, Hallelujah, and SFTTR.
  6. Amanda Brown - Dream On Matt McAndrew - God Only Knows Kimberly Nichole - What's Up Jordan Smith - Halo Alisa Porter - Cry Baby Chris Blue - Love On The Brain Chloe Kohanski - Time After Time Kimberly Joye - Radioactive Thunderboy - Summertime Cam Anthony - Take Me To Church Dana Monique - Free Your Mind
  7. Yea Yea him too. Kenzie's KO was really good.
  8. S20: Cam Anthony - Feeling Good/It's So Hard To Say.../Stand Up. HMS to Corey - Already Gone, Gih's Glitter in the Air, Zae's Electric Love, and Savanna's Black Hole Sun.
  9. Khalea Lynee - Love Like This DeAndre - Cry For You and That's What I Like
  10. Top 8 was the first time I voted and I'm really glad it paid off. Queen Julia FTW!
  11. Her voice is so dang good. Her vocals are top notch and yet they seem so effortless. I think she has the ability to be one of the top 5 best vocalists that this show has ever seen.
  12. I hope Wendy and Holly are the top two in real competition as well.
  13. Jotdan by a freaking mile over this group.
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