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  1. There's a reason why there name is Mistake 006.
  2. I always thought Aiden would win this. I'm surprised. Sorry but Dustin deserved 4th at best. Brooke, Aiden, and Josh shouyld've been the top 3.
  3. Well, she should win but I think her ceiling is 3rd or 4th.
  4. Brooke SLAYED. She gave the best performance of the night(imo). Jimmie's performance was beautiful too but I'm not sure whether it will put himm in the top 5 or not.
  5. Yep. Josh Blue, Aiden Bryant, Dustin Tavella, and that Nurse Choir.
  6. Congrats to Big E for becoming the WWE CHAMPION by cashing in his mitb contract on Bobby(after Bobby defeated Randy in a singles match).
  7. Also lol Roman says that this Smack Down was the most grossing ever just because of him. First Paul Heyman retweetd Ariel Helwani's tweet(Which said, "Last nght WWE's Smack Down produced the highest grossest Smack Down gate of all time. Not just in NY, Of any city for any SD(Smack Down has been around for 20 Years") by saying "ACKNOWLEDGE YOUR TRIBLE CHIEF" and then Roman retweeted Paul's tweet and said "Needle Moving". Just so you know Roman already said the same thing after Summnerslam(as it was the highest grossing SS ever). A few days back he also said smething about CM Punk. He said Punk never drawn in people like John Cena and he never moved the needle like The Rock.
  8. Just so you know John Cena did come to SD after it went off-air.
  9. Wwe said that the most money they have earned in the history of Smack Down was from this week's SD(which was at the MSG)
  10. Don't count out Aiden Bryant. Anyways, my dream top 2 is Brooke and Jimmie but that's def not happening.
  11. What's so baffling is that they reposted Jermaine and Cass(I know she's not bad but her audition was definitely not good) but not Chloe, Tess, or Josh, Craig. Like seriously?
  12. @Hamza Tufail pls update tghe OP and post his two new singles. Also add his new official website. Thanks.
  13. I'm not gonna argue. I always knew Kyla was your all-time fav so that's why I was confused that how can someone say this about their all-time fav. lol
  14. Here are mine, 1. Wendy/Holly 2. Holly/Wendy 3. David Vogel 4. Jeremy Rosado 5. Samuel Harness 6. Gymani 7. Joshua 8. Brittany
  15. Yeah, that's a sad reality. I really wish she'd been in the finale instead of Jake Borington.
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