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  1. Can someone dm me spoilers too? Especially about connor
  2. Yes, different timezone i guess, because it's past midnight here
  3. Just listened to the new single. It's really good omg
  4. Is Ryan the first contestant to be DQd from the competition?
  5. I got annoyed more by coaches fandom than the contestants ones tbh.
  6. Michael Lee's Whipping Post is my #1 KO from recent seasons.
  7. Oh wow congrats. Im so jealous
  8. 1. Blake 2. Adam up until S13 3. Kelly 4. Alicia 5. Jhud/Gwen/Xtina 6. Miley 7. John 8. Adam post S13 I only rank coaches on seasons that I watched, minus nick.
  9. Males: Mendeleyev Ricky Duran Todd Tilghman Noah Mac Females: Maelyn Chloe mk
  10. 1. Todd Tilghman 2. Thunderstorm Artis 3. Joanna Serenko 4. Jim Ranger 5. Cammwess 6. Sid Kingsley 7. Payge 8. Cami
  11. Connor Christian. Though I'm bit pessimistic with his chance of making it to the live rounds, since he is in the same team as Cam and Avery
  12. Just sam's audition song was 'You Say', and I think there's an AI winner named Ruben iirc... So it's probably Carter Rubin
  13. Finally found my first favorite from this season Add me pls, I really like his tone and his musical style Idk how tf I overlooked him from the spoiler thread
  14. 1. Not really a fan of both as of now, but I prefer Avery a little bit more. 2. Kenzie 3. Kenzie
  15. That's gonna be interesting since no one originally from team blake has ever been successfully stolen by John
  16. The way I see it, it could be a repeat of S17 with Kenzie (Hoot) vs Cam (Ricky) in the top 2 , except that Kenzie might get less minivan support compared to Hoot since there's another option of country guy, and Cam might get more casual support compared to Ricky mainly because of his genre.
  17. I just realized that John gonna lose his streak of dropping 4-chair turners in battle/KO
  18. Haven't found any favorite yet Also, I prefer both Ian and Jim to these two country dudes
  19. Congratulations Jim 2nd place is a huge achievement
  20. Not the best, but my favorite performance of her, which is Unbreak my heart.
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