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  1. I could see Cami IS'd her way to the finale. She probably won't win, but we will get more performance from her
  2. Sad to see you go but i wish you the best of luck for your career. You were amazing throughout the competition. I love your photography skills too btw.
  3. Ugh now we can't hear payge sing her original song in the finale
  4. OMG JIM Survived another week Yay
  5. I will update the front page later. I agree that the song choice could have been better, especially in this important round. I think he did fine, though i prefer his previous performance. I still have hope that Jim will survive this round somehow
  6. If the videos are blocked in your country, try using this extensions https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/unblocker-for-youtube/gpnebajhkedajplkepiafghcfoljbgmk. it works for me. ---------- Damn, Ian kinda sounds good
  7. Jim gonna be singing 'Rumor' by Lee Brice tonight https://music.youtube.com/watch?v=-nbyYdsg-2s&list=RDAMVM-nbyYdsg-2s
  8. 1. Jim 2-4. Cami/Sid/Payge 5. Julia 6. Desz 7. Taryn 8. Ryan Great singers, but.. 9. John holiday 10. Tamara Jade 11. Carter Rubin They have potential to be great 12. Ian 13. Madeline 14. Larriah 15. WTW 16. Chloe Kinda forgettable, sorry 17-20. Bailey, Ben, Tanner, Joseph
  9. Kyla Jade's "You Don't Own Me"?
  10. Just let usher be the fifth coach and give him 4WKO contestants as his PO team
  11. Same, knockouts are my favorite too, Well, ofc it would be great if he wins, but I don't want to get my hopes too high since my fav already won last season I just want him to stay in the competition as long as possible so I can enjoy more performances by him.
  12. So glad that Jim's performance is the leak. It's definitely my favorite performance of his so far, he emotes the song so well
  13. Damn Ryan still won in the app even after that performance, he could be very dangerous
  14. Honestly, I don't really like the song choice, but Jim did the most he could do given the song. He completely drowned John's voice near the end Hopefully he will do better in the KO round.
  15. It's John Sullivan, he was a 2-chair turn.
  16. Yes Jim will be on tonight They better not montage the battle, or else i will riot
  17. Can't do top 10. My top 6 blind auditions, not ranked. Jim, Cami, Kelsie, Sid, James, Payge
  18. Added. Welcome to the club yeah he did a good job on his audition, i loved how he built up the song.
  19. Given the title of the thread, shouldn't you include the male belters too? But anyway, voted for Taryn, but I really like Kelsie too
  20. Idk how unpopular this opinion is, but I'll say it here just to be safe I don't find any of the blind audition (so far) this season to be exceptionally amazing or special. I'm not sure why, it's either because of the performances were really subpar compared to past seasons, or maybe it's just that we overhyped the season too much.
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