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  1. Corey Halley Gihanna Ryleigh . . The rest
  2. Kirk jay? He sang a rascall flatt song for the blinds and then he did a duet with rascall flatt in the result show.
  3. Kelly and Marisa Kelly and Kelsie Kelly and Rod Stokes John and Mendeleyev
  4. S19 : Carter S18 : Thunderstorm and Todd S17 : Rose Short S16 : Maelyn S15 : Makenzie?
  5. From the QnA with Jordan Smith on the voice insta. https://www.instagram.com/p/CLe4SMrhQNH/
  6. Jordan smith said he would want to join an All-stars season if there's one. He also said he'd probably sing Bohemian Rhapsody this time.
  7. Both Victor's and Kenzie's SM numbers are good, but it's nothing groundbreaking imo. Also, views for blind episodes can be deceiving sometimes.
  8. It's between Jeffrey and Cam for me, but I prefer Jeffrey's tone on this song. I, for some reasons, didn't like how tamar started the song.
  9. Honestly, I wouldn't mind as long as it's lady gaga or pink who get to replace her.
  10. Out of all the battle steals, who would've thought that only Andrew survived the KO
  11. Maybe he's just bad at handling 4 chair turners, now that he has none, he can't mess up anymore
  12. It's not really important, but I sometimes take it into consideration just because the type of singers that I like usually will do better (and last longer) on certain team and not doing so well when they're on other teams.
  13. It makes me want Avery and Kenzie to switch team in later rounds, and then watch some idf users suddenly preferring avery over kenzie
  14. Can someone dm me spoilers too? Especially about connor
  15. Yes, different timezone i guess, because it's past midnight here
  16. Just listened to the new single. It's really good omg
  17. Is Ryan the first contestant to be DQd from the competition?
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