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  1. Good luck then I am personally just happy that my favorite made it into the finale, i'm fine with whoever winning
  2. His original is gorgeous His cover has potential to be really good, hopefully the bandzilla won't mess things up.
  3. Jim will be singing 'With a little help from my friends' for his cover song, and 'Last' for his original.
  4. Added. Yeah hopefully he gets that song.
  5. Just woke up and this is the first thing that I read lol, made my day already Congrats Jim
  6. Kelly : Desz Blake : Jim John : John Gwen : Carter WC : Cami/Ian/Ben, idk lol
  7. I agree, i like Ian too, but I prefer Jim. ----- Also, Blake looks like a proud father during the whole performance
  8. His social media numbers are better than Ian so far... hopefully he will get the PV
  9. Jim will be singing 'Without You' tonight. Damn.. I'm so nervous for him, hopefully he gonna kill it live. https://music.youtube.com/watch?v=m3knysWyHGg&list=RDAMVMm3knysWyHGg
  10. Surprisingly, I also liked Ian's take on that song.. It's a refreshing version.
  11. They gave Jim a Mariah Carey song (well not hers, but still..) I like his studio tho
  12. ------- Also, he said he will release his single in early 2021
  13. I hope he will get a killer song in the top 9. With a better song choice, i could actually see Jim overtaking Ian
  14. I could see Cami IS'd her way to the finale. She probably won't win, but we will get more performance from her
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