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  1. ATX29

    NFL Thread

    I know not being present for the draft gives me exactly zero right to complain, but I'd love to know how the computer thought it was a good idea to pick Zeke over Kamara for me. Like literally wtf?
  2. No one compares to Kelly. JHud and Xtina are close behind tho.
  3. It absolutely will. Mu might be the star of next games. McLaughlin and Muhammad aren't going anywhere either. I think they have this event on lock for a while.
  4. That relay team is unbeatable.
  5. Trying desperately to stay up for the women's indoor volleyball gold medal match. I've enjoyed watching the US team thus far.
  6. Scherzer to the Dodgers instead. Talk about the rich getting richer.
  7. American sprinter Gabby Thomas is rather foxy.
  8. COVID is never going away. It's a Flu, and just like the normal flu, COVID will mutant time and time again. The only thing that benefits you personally is that you are vaccinated against severe illness and hospitalization. Other people being vaxed or unvaxed does not effect you at all. This is the main reason I think people just need to do what they feel is right and not worry about what others are doing.
  9. ATX29

    NBA Thread

    Really like watching this Phoenix team play. They just have the feel of a team that has completely bought in to their individual roles. CP3 is a controversial player...some people love him and some people hate him but one thing is for sure...the other players on that team are better because of him.
  10. Ok I'm officially taking the Habs seriously now.
  11. Can't argue with any of this...particularly Scheifele's explanation being bs. Anyone who watches that play can see the intent and the frustration boiling over in Scheifele. I also agree the Bettman may have had something to do with the punishment. In that respect, I'm almost surprised that it wasn't 6 games just to ensure that Scheifele doesn't get back in the series risking a slugfest.
  12. This is a little late but I'm curious as to y'alls thoughts on the Scheifele hit on Evans in Habs/Jets Game 1. Is the 4 game suspension justified or excessive? Or is it possibly not enough?
  13. It's a great to watch a game 7 between 2 of hockey's original 6...but you're so right about Toronto. The on-ice product, particularly in big games over the last several seasons, just is not indicative of the talent level of this team. They simply must find a way to win this one. Who is going to step up?
  14. Thats what made that rivalry so great...the teams not only hated each other with a passion but they were also the two most skilled teams in the league at the time imo. Both teams loaded with guys who could score or drop the gloves at any moment. I couldn't get enough of it. On an unrelated note...has there ever been a team who has more problems closing out a series than Toronto? I want them to be good so bad bc it's good for hockey...but damn this is getting old.
  15. I remember that series and you're right...the Wings were stacked but Calgary outplayed them and deserved the win. I look forward to the Flames being back in the Playoffs...the League is better when they are good.
  16. Great 1st period in the Pens/Isles game. Should be a wild finish to this one. We have decided to Stan the Islanders for tonight. Looking forward to TB/Fla also. Great night of hockey. Nothing compares to the SC Playoffs.
  17. The Mets staff has to be one of the stories of the year so far. Even without the best pitcher on the planet, that staff has kept them not just afloat, but in first place in the division. I guess they kinda have to tho when the bats only put up 3 runs a game. If the offense comes around, and they get De Grom back better than ever...look out.
  18. Yeah...after watching the Avs/Blues game last night, i think it's going to be very hard to stop Colorado. MacKinnon, Rantinin, Mekar...really everybody on that team is just so ridiculously fast and skilled. Every time I watch a hockey game nowadays it always takes me back to my early 20's when I was a huge fan of the sport. This was in the late '90s and and I was a big Red Wings fan. Needless to say, that RW/Avs rivalry was just as good as it gets for me. The level of hockey being played today is no doubt good...but nothing will ever compete with that era and that rivalry imo. The best rivalry in sports history I'd say, at least during my lifetime.
  19. I haven't watched much hockey this season and really had no idea the Avs were as good as they are. Caught that game last night and damn the top line on that team is good. Big, strong, and lightning fast hombres.
  20. If I was ever able to hug Kasey I'm not sure I would be able to let go. I've seen Dave Fenley a couple times and Reid Umstadd was a bartender at a place I frequented.
  21. Matt connected to the song. That gets my vote everytime.
  22. ATX29

    NBA Thread

    The NBA is just better when the Knicks are good.
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