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  1. Well, if she's leaving, she's doing it on a high note. That was really beautiful. Good for you Cami.
  2. I like Cami better, but no one can say Desz is undeserving.
  3. Sometimes I forget how good Kelly really is. Happy to be reminded.
  4. I'm calm. Everything is fine. However if Cami is eliminated I may rage quit the show.
  5. Yes, we all know that is a ridiculously hard song and Cami def had some spots that were a little iffy. It was no where near as bad as a lot IDFers are making it out to be. Cami's tone is still amazing. Her ability to connect emotionally is still unmatched. Her performance was my personal favorite last night and I'm happy to vote for her.
  6. Carter could probably sing "The Thong Song" next week and still win. This is shaping up to be just as big a runaway as seasons 8 and 9. I can't even be mad about honestly. Dude is good.
  7. First half was beautiful. Off the rails after that. Why don't they ever just stay at the piano?!
  8. Ben is a good singer. He would have been dangerous with even a halfway decent song.
  9. Strange combo of singers...but it worked. That was way better than I would have expected.
  10. I thought Cami was good. Probably not enough to pass Desz tho.
  11. If Cami nails that song and again doesn't get PV I'm gonna be so pressed.
  12. Well, she def didn't get a bus song! Really excited Cami to slay tonight.
  13. I'm a little concerned about the "tough" song that is "new to her." If it is a bus song, that tells me that the PO vote between her and Desz was to close for TPTB's liking. Either way, with Cami's proven ability to perform live, I like her chances in the IS...even if she is facing 2 country dudes. Whatever happens...I really believe great things are in her future. Could def see her on Broadway if that's the route she chooses to go.
  14. BA - Cami Battle - Taryn KO - Payge PO - Cami
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