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  1. ATX29

    NFL Thread

    Seahawks desperately need o new OC. Play calling in yesterday's game was horrible. A completely revamped offensive line wouldn't hurt either.
  2. It's straight up snowing in Austin, Texas as I type this. Up to 6 inches forecast for today.
  3. ATX29

    NFL Thread

    WC: Bills over Colts Ravens over Titans Steelers over Browns Hawks over Rams Bucks over Wash Saints over Bears Div: Ravens over Chiefs Bills over Steelers Saints over Bucs Pack over Hawks CC: Ravens over Bills Saints over Pack SBLV: Ravens over Saints
  4. ATX29

    NFL Thread

    Maybe not, but the competition committee should really take a look at whatever that was Philly put on the field last night. They obviously had no interest in winning that game. Not a good look for a nationally televised prime time game.
  5. Glad to hear it's been relatively mild. Hope everything stays that way. Get well soon.
  6. Coach John Legend's new song "Wild" is a bop?
  7. Yep. I still haven't seen the finale performances, but going of all the rest, Carter was easily the most consistent of the season. He earned the win.
  8. For me, Brynn Chevel Danielle Sawyer Carter The first 3 are very close. I didn't watch the show when Danielle was on but I do like a lot of her post show stuff. All of these are deserving winners imo.
  9. 1. Addison - Tennessee Rain 2. Lauren - Deja Vu 3. Maelyn - Hallelujah 4. Chevel - Broken Hearts 5. Tstorm - What a Wonderful World.
  10. It's all speculation, but I highly doubt it. Brynn played the SM game better than any other contestant before her, and possibly since. I think her lead was insurmountable. Maybe Kyla could have finished 2nd tho.
  11. Your refusing to accept Lauren's "second" place breaths life into my otherwise cold and dark soul.
  12. First time since S11 that I voluntarily skipped episodes, if that tells you anything.
  13. "Alone" - Haelos "Lover Please Stay" - Nothing but Thieves "Mother and Father" - The Broods "Strong" - London Grammar "Oceans" - Seafret "The Silence" - Manchester Orchestra "Brain" - BANKS Anything from Friya Ridings and Faouzia.
  14. Since I started watching in S10. 1. Maelyn (duh) 2. Brynn (fun fact, Lauren would be here but...) 3. Chevel 4. Alisan 5. Chloe 6. Sundance 7. Todd 8. Jake 9. Carter 10. Chris
  15. Still Addison and Lauren at the top, and then everyone else. Jim probably somewhere in the bottom half.
  16. Closer to the bottom than the top tbh...but it's more the format than anything else. Not giving the audience time to get invested in the contestants make this a totally different show, and will ultimately be it's downfall imo.
  17. To this day, still my favorite post show performance of any artist on the show. It doesn't get any better than this.
  18. Red wasn't that bad, but being in a finale with Chloe, Addison, and Brooke makes you the worst by default.
  19. A big middle finger to minivan for robbing us of this sure-to-be legendary finale set.
  20. Indeed all hail this gorgeous creature. Happy Birthday Queen.
  21. 1. Carter 2. Jim 3. Desz 4. Ian 5. John
  22. Sad to see Cami go. I thought for a minute that the viewers might have a moment of clarity and actually vote for the best IS performance...but no dice. Cami accomplished all she could on the show and I'm happy she went out on her own terms without compromising who she is as an artist just for votes. It was a good run. Her future is bright!
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