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  1. Season 4 had so many Spanish speakers. They had Monique Abbadie, Mary Miranda and Cathia, who all auditioned with a Spanish song, as well as Karina Iglesias and Agina Alvarez, who were also Latina. There was also Midas Whale, who could speak Spanish
  2. I can come up with many for the older seasons because a lot of people don’t seem to remember some of them at this point Three from S6 Ryan Whyte Maloney TJ Wilkins Stevie Jo Ryan is probably the most underrated 4 chair turn of S6. His audition was really good (it’s difficult to do a good Journey cover), but that season had so many popular 4 chair auditions that this one gets ignored. This is who I would have substituted Jake W for in Blake’s T3 Stevie only got 1 chair, but his audition was worthy of more. And he is another contestant that got eliminated in playoffs when he could have made T12. He also won 2 good battles that season. TJ was on the same team as Stevie, but he is underrated as well. His audition was one of the better 3 chair auditions that season (and he did a good soulful Elton John cover). His playoff was really good, but nobody remembers it.
  3. I would want to have a leak of Gymani so it would be easier to fool the Arianators
  4. She did a Q&A on Instagram story and they asked if she liked boys or girls and she answered “girls” with some LGBT emojis. She has mentioned she is LGBT, but she doesn’t really post about it.
  5. Today’s throwback is Cassadee Pope’s audition (it’s on FB)
  6. https://www.jacarandafm.com/news/entertainment/voice-sa-winner-craig-lucas-comes-out-gay/ This reminded me of a former winner of The Voice South Africa. He wrote in a letter that people close to him told him to keep his sexuality a secret or else people wouldn’t vote for him
  7. I’d take 2 days of repostings One day for Auditions and one for Knockouts/Live performances
  8. Yes. My favorite season is definitely among the ones mentioned in the T3 (and I picked 4/5 of these seasons last round) Each of these seasons had a great T8
  9. Makes sense, considering she does have her own talk show now and she invited her winners and a few of the other contestants she has had, maybe a few contestants not on her team. Does anyone remember which contestants besides her winners appeared on her show?
  10. Is it mainly Kelly that works with her alumni (and Blake to an extent)? I know Miley was also supportive of her contestants off show
  11. Pharrell had a great team after blinds and he destroyed it (didn’t take many of his great people to Lives and then his frontrunner declined in T12)
  12. Have they shown sneak previews of contestants on there before?
  13. I doubt it. The save was introduced to replace coach comebacks but after Season 16 they discontinued that
  14. 1. Injoy Fountain- She gave the better performance in this battle but Alex did really well in Knockouts so at least it worked out. 2. Maiya Sykes- The worst battle elimination in 20 seasons. 3. Gaby Borromeo- She was a better vocalist than Mark. Also because Mark started to get on my nerves in later rounds
  15. Make some more of these for older seasons (there are a lot of other controversies, especially going back to S7)
  16. Make one for older seasons and include Damien/Toia and Taylor/Troy. Those were definitely controversial
  17. From what I remember Zae’s snippet wasn’t that impressive, but they didn’t put the best part of his audition
  18. I was definitely planning this one as well Season 20- Halley Greg Season 19- Eli Zamora? Season 18- Mandi Thomas? Season 17- Steve Knill Season 16- Kendra Checketts Season 15- MaKenzie Thomas Season 14- Amber Sauer* Season 13- ? (The only one chairs I was interested in were montaged) Season 12- Chris Blue* Season 11- Michael Sanchez Season 10- Natalie Yacovazzi Season 9- Jeffery Austin Season 8- Hannah Kirby* Season 7- Troy Ritchie Season 6- Stevie Jo/Ddendyl Season 5- Cole Vosbury Season 4- Amber Carrington Season 3- Cody Belew* Season 2- ? (Don’t know them) Season 1- ? (Don’t know them) *- One chair by last audition (and I’m probably cheating by picking them) Max, Arei and Keith aren’t really one chair turns because of the block and I’m not including them here Overall, Chris is probably my favorite, but based on pure one chairs, definitely Kendra
  19. Season 20- Cam Anthony Season 19- John Holiday Season 18- Zan Fiskum Season 17- Ricky Braddy Season 16- Rizzi Myers Season 15- Kymberli Joye Season 14- Britton Buchanan Season 13- Ashland Craft Season 12- Lilli Passero Season 11- Christian Cuevas Season 10- Mike Schiavo Season 9- Ellie Lawrence Season 8- ? Season 7- Matt McAndrew Season 6- Kat Perkins Season 5- Kat Robichaud Season 4- Michelle Chamuel Season 3- Trevin Hunte Season 2- Juliet Simms Season 1- Patrick Thomas
  20. I’m hoping they will leak Gymani because of how the Ari fans will be so convinced that she will pick her before the audition airs
  21. Of course Paris made another appearance I think Holly, Paris and Vaughn are looking like they will be in the premiere based on promotion (more so Holly and Paris)
  22. I think KCK3 was also there (I saw a trio that looked like them)
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