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  1. LiBianca gave the only performance of this song that I like, so
  2. They have a cover on YT and I think Josh takes the lead on it
  3. Yep, I saw that. But I only saw one comment and it took me a while to find it Luckily, Bella being next week gives the viewers something to look forward to that episode (though one of my most anticipated matchups of the season is also there)
  4. With how well TPTB has treated him in Blinds and Battles, as well as how he doesn’t have anyone in his lane, especially on his team, he could very well do it
  5. Yeah I know, but it shows how Matt McAndrew got runner up despite a montaged Knockout. I consider Peedy’s ceiling right now to be second place. He has still been treated better than everyone else on Team Blake except Wendy
  6. Tessanne Chin and Koryn Hawthorne sang the same combination of songs for Blind Auditions, Knockouts and Top 12 Tessanne Chin Blind Audition- Try by Pink Knockouts- Stronger by Kelly Clarkson Top 12- My Kind of Love by Emeli Sande Koryn Hawthorne Blind Audition- My Kind of Love by Emeli Sande Knockouts- Try by Pink Top 12- Stronger by Kelly Clarkson
  7. I always thought his best shot was second place, which is where Matt McAndrew placed
  8. That’s upsetting. Hope he feels better Ed has always seemed like a great guy, and you can see that in the preview video.
  9. Three contestants going through the Corey Ward songbook. Have we ever had three contestants sing a song that the same alumni also sang in one round of the competition
  10. I can honestly see Berritt being a triple montage. Also, I’m guessing it could also be a way to separate Wendy from Peedy, since Wendy is Blake’s TCO and Peedy is getting a PV anyway.
  11. I am not familiar with the song, but I am interested to see them and Holly. It’s one of my most anticipated Knockouts of the season
  12. It was well received, but he didn’t get the PV because Kenzie was on the same team. I think this song definitely suits Samuel. It’s good to see him singing Lewis Capaldi on the show, and we get a song that Corey sang, and Corey is similar to Samuel because of their rasps
  13. So Paris vs Jershika is Week 2. Hopefully it’s the leak. Also, this means Paris will close the round for the second time in a row. I’m guessing Wendy vs Jonathan is the pairing they push to Tuesday, since Ariana’s Knockout has to be Episode 2, and Kelly has to have two pairings in the premiere and they are pushing the advisor song.
  14. I’m going with Paris on this one. They were both great, but Paris was a bigger surprise for me
  15. Updated the OP with past Knockout leaks
  16. More specifically GNT Holly Samuel Brittany Paris Jershika Bella Wendy
  17. Season 20- Rachel Mac vs Zae Romeo Season 19- Desz vs Sid Kingsley Season 18- Megan Danielle vs CammWess Season 17- Katie Kadan vs Max Boyle Season 15- The 3 Way Knockout Season 14- Kelsea Johnson vs Sharane Calister Season 13- No idea Season 12- Hunter Plake vs Johnny Gates Season 11- Sarayah vs Michael Sanchez Season 10- Emily Keener vs Shalyah Fearing Season 9- Jordan Smith vs Viktor Kiraly Season 8- Kimberly Nichole vs Koryn Hawthorne Season 5- Matthew Schuler vs Will Champlin Season 4- Sarah Simmons vs Warren Stone
  18. 1. Girl Named Tom 2. Gymani 3. Holly Forbes 4. Jeremy Rosado 5. Kinsey Rose 6. Hailey Mia 7. Xavier Cornell 8. The Cunningham Sisters
  19. 1. Wendy Moten 2. Peedy Chavis 3. Jonathan Mouton 4. Hailey Green 5. LiBianca 6. Carson Peters 7. Lana Scott 8. Berritt Haynes
  20. 1. Samuel Harness 2. Jershika Maple 3. Brittany Bree 4. Samara Brown 5. Paris Winningham 6. Shadale 7. Joshua Vacanti 8. Sabrina Dias Very strong team.
  21. 1. Bella DeNapoli 2. Ryleigh Plank 3. David Vogel 4. Manny Keith 5. Katie Rae 6. Katherine Ann Mohler 7. Raquel Trinidad 8. Jim and Sasha
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