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  1. 1. Samuel Harness 2. Jershika Maple 3. Brittany Bree 4. Samara Brown 5. Paris Winningham 6. Shadale 7. Joshua Vacanti 8. Sabrina Dias Very strong team.
  2. 1. Bella DeNapoli 2. Ryleigh Plank 3. David Vogel 4. Manny Keith 5. Katie Rae 6. Katherine Ann Mohler 7. Raquel Trinidad 8. Jim and Sasha
  3. We don’t actually know whether or not they are happening. People assumed they were confirmed due to what Ariana tweeted. The show never said anything about it
  4. I approve of this, since Daughtry has a cover of this song and I want to hear him sing something Daughtry related
  5. Team Kelly Girl Named Tom vs Holly Forbes (Stolen by Ariana) Jeremy Rosado vs Kinsey Rose (Stolen by John) Gymani vs Xavier Cornell Hailey Mia vs The Cunningham Sisters Team John Samara Brown vs Shadale (Stolen by Kelly) Jershika Maple vs Paris Winningham (Stolen by Blake) Samuel Harness vs Joshua Vacanti Brittany Bree vs Sabrina Dias Team Ariana Bella DeNapoli vs Katherine Ann Mohler Ryleigh Plank vs Katie Rae Manny Keith vs Raquel Trinidad David Vogel vs Jim and Sasha Team Blake Wendy Moten vs Jonathan Mouton Peedy Chavis vs Berritt Haynes Hailey Green vs Carson Peters LiBianca vs Lana Scott
  6. They showed John’s comment in the final cut, and I remembered it was listed here
  7. Two contestants that everyone expected to win their Knockouts in the spoilers
  8. I haven’t stated my thoughts on this leak yet, but I can make judgements after watching them twice Hailey and LiBianca both did a good job with their songs, but I would pick Hailey based on personal preference. It’s hard to tell that she is only 15 because she sounds very experienced. If the comeback is real, I hope that Hailey gets it for Blake.
  9. I went with Hailey. I feel like her performance was more up my alley As for steals, I’d say she deserved one, but the steals seemed to be really competitive this season.
  10. LiBianca also did what Lana couldn’t, get chosen over Hailey in a matchup
  11. I didn’t realize that I didn’t ask to be added yet. After three very solid performances, I’m going to ask to be added I thought she delivered in this Knockout and while you could make for either candidate, I preferred Hailey’s performance
  12. If this season also had a save in Knockouts, Hailey would definitely get it. This Knockout is a reminder of how stacked the talent is this season. Eliminations are going to be very tough.
  13. I have seen this song covered many times in international versions, as well as Zae’s audition the USA, and it has been done great. I know that it can be done really well, from all the versions I’ve seen. I am excited to hear his take.
  14. Isn’t Falling on Fine Line? That’s been done quite a lot in singing competitions, but it’s definitely more of an emotional song than rangy one I know Sign of the Times is on HS. That’s a song that is really hard to sing but when it’s done well, the performances are really good.
  15. I think it’s definitely possible that some of the losers actually gave good performances, seeing how there were some people that got eliminated in battles that did well in that performance, they just didn’t get stolen or saved because some of the other losers were really good. Samara is the main eliminee I am questioning right now, having not seen her performance. But seeing who else got stolen, the steals seemed to be a high bar this round, and I’m excited to watch all of their performances.
  16. I’m going to give them an A because I don’t usually like the battles this much. Sure, they weren’t perfect, but the good was more significant than the bad for me
  17. Yes. I don’t think that battle should have been montaged over a couple that they showed. It looked good, and Wyatt also seemed like he did well
  18. Yeah, nine or ten of them did. And that season had less of them, so that number is a higher percentage.
  19. Well this season destroyed S20 in the battles, and most other seasons for that matter.
  20. In most seasons, the battles are one of my least favorite rounds (at least in prelives), but there were so many great battles this season. I would say that six steal/save performances blew me away and needed a save, and there were also quite a few people who did well that got eliminated that also did a good job in their battles.
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