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  1. I think I remember that. Also because her preview reminded me of Kimberly Nichole
  2. What were some of her other accomplishments
  3. I would love either of these two to leak, especially since they both seem to be in the premiere at this point
  4. I’m so ready for them to become my favorite group in the American version
  5. Reactions to his win remind me of what would have happened if Red won S13
  6. Auditions are usually easy to find online, and since his audition was one of the most popular that season, it’’s definitely going to be on quite a few channels
  7. Rose’s compilation video will still be there
  8. 3rd Place on The Voice and 4th Place on America’s Got Talent- not bad, especially considering AGT has more finalists than The Voice (and live show participants)
  9. I changed a few of my main predictions recently, based on promos and taping order Current predictions Girl Named Tom Paris Bella Vaughn Lil Bianca Wendy Add David/Katherine for Ari, an unknown for Kelly and an unknown for John 6 or 7 artists make playoffs They could easily leak Gymani for Week 2 or put Holly in the second episode
  10. It’s unfortunate that we never saw Chris or Jej, and that Sarah didn’t make lives when it seemed like she could
  11. I’d say it’s a good thing, considering how difficult it is to make finale on just one of those shows
  12. Yes. It could be someone we don’t know the chair turns of (and I doubt Blake turned because it wouldn’t make sense to block him for someone like that)
  13. Maybe GNT and Wendy are in the premiere, based on promos and where they were taped They could very save Holly and Gymani for later episodes as well and leak them
  14. A contestant getting their battle montaged means nothing in the long run. Multiple contestants have won the show despite that happening, and many others have made finale
  15. TPTB has shown to montage meh performances of contestants in battles, even frontrunners aren’t completely immune to montages. If LiBianca is the contestant Blake really likes because they unexpectedly picked him, this could be a montage scenario
  16. At least 1 from every group that I liked advanced And in 2 groups I voted for both contestants that advanced
  17. Was Kelly the holdout? If it was the leak, hopefully Gymani, then Girl Named Tom. It would also be funny if it were a contestant that we didn’t know was a 4 Chair Turn
  18. Songs sung by multiple winners Time After Time- Javier Colon and Chloe Kohanski Fix You- Javier Colon and Brynn Cartelli Grandpa (Tell Me Bout the Good Old Days)- Danielle Bradbery and Chevel Shepherd Set Fire to the Rain- Josh Kaufman and Jordan Smith Hallelujah- Jordan Smith and Maelyn Jarmon Desperado- Alisan Porter and Jake Hoot The Climb- Sundance Head and Carter Rubin
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