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  1. Since all of their songs have been songs they’ve covered before the show, it seems like they are given more freedom to sing the songs they want in the competition.
  2. Samara is the WC, and she seems deserving of it, based off her first two rounds. The Knockouts will be the final judgement. Hoping for either her or Hailey to win the WC
  3. The most underrated performance to me so far this season is Tommy Edwards’ audition
  4. The same song that Wendy sang in Battles Yeah, she would have been a better choice for the save
  5. Brittany Bree - Best Part - 5 Samuel Harness - Bruises - 9 Hailey Mia - Arcade - 9 The Cunningham Sisters - Oceans - 5 Ryleigh Plank - Midnight Sky - 8 David Vogel - Lose You To Love Me - 10
  6. I feel like he could land anywhere from the Playoffs to Top 10. I think that it will be him and David fighting for a spot in the T13
  7. They seem to have one of the most dedicated fanbases right now, which is great for their chances! #GNTFTW
  8. She’s one of those artists where it really depends on how she does Live. If she is good live, she’ll at least make Semis.
  9. I see her getting the coach save and then being eliminated early in Lives
  10. If streaming bonuses come into play, they could potentially win them.
  11. Very broad, but if I had to estimate, she will be eliminated between Playoffs and Semifinals
  12. Episode 2 Samuel- Audition > Knockout > Battle Brittany- Audition > Battle > Knockout Hailey- Knockout > Audition > Battle TCS- Battle > Audition > Knockout Ryleigh- Battle > Knockout > Audition David- Knockout > Audition > Battle
  13. I’m going to guess Samara because they might include someone from next week, though it wouldn’t be surprising if it was Brittany
  14. Same here. That was also my favorite performance from a duo or trio, and I forgot to add in my comments that their Knockout made me think they could win Season 21.
  15. There’s three posts that already nailed my picks, and this is coming from a Corey fan
  16. I don’t think so. Sundance was probably the winner whose Knockout I remember the least, but it was still good from what I can remember. He didn’t become a frontrunner until the Lives though
  17. Girl Named Tom really had an incredible prelives run. They were in all three premieres and opened the Blinds, got leaked in the Battles and closed in the Knockouts. Not to mention that they got a four chair turn in Blinds, and won against very good opponents that got multiple steals in both Battles and Knockouts. As a matter of fact, Kinsey got a four chair save in Battles and Holly was also a four chair turn. I consider all three performances from them to be at least in my Top 2 of the round. And they honestly improved every round in the prelives, which is another great sign. They even showed more with their backstory, as they didn’t mention anything in auditions, talked about themselves in the battles and opened up about their father in Knockouts. And I have to include that their Knockout is my favorite performance of the season so far.
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