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  1. Am I the only one shocked at the CRAZY support Victor is getting? I think he’s definitely gonna give Kenzie a run for his money. John def won big time.
  2. Yeah idk. Lol all of the YouTube people must’ve went to FB. But on FB he’s hitting those numbers we used to hit in like S15. He’s already over 100K likes which is rare for FB lol
  3. I absolutely did not expect Victor to be recieved this well on FB. Especially it being a John song without promotion. lol I think some of these views were stolen from YouTube
  4. OMG they had a snippet of the coaches comments from Dana’s audition. When Kelly said “we all should’ve turned for you but I’m tired of losing to John Legend” and Blake said “it’s obvious you were gonna choose John” lol I remebe hearing that from her audition and also only John and Nicks buttons were white.
  5. Woah I woke up to over 100+ replies!! What did I miss who’s the snippet? Was it good?
  6. Appearently the first person Zae met while in LA was Kim Cruse lol
  7. Lol idk if you guys remeber, but why didn’t Adam and Alicia turn for Kyla? We’re their teams full?
  8. Yeah I was there too. She also disagreed with Desz and Johns placement. She said if it was really the voice they and Kyla Jade and Kymberli would’ve ranked higher. She was going off lol. As she should. Kinda glad she isn’t on though, lol this season would’ve STACKED.
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