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  1. this AA powerhouse is gonna blow the roof off edit: I thought the spoilers were out my bad. I’ll remove the link
  2. Have you seen her covers on Facebook?? clearly you haven’t if you disagree.
  3. Hey! Haven’t been on here since I attended Sunday’s taping lol. Not going to say any spoilers but all imma say is we got someone that sounds extremely similar to Kyla Jade. Range, power,vocals.
  4. I think it’s worth mentioning that S20 contestants are now at the hotel. One of them went live last night and the infamous mirror and bed head was showing. I won’t say who it is on the public forum though. So pc me
  5. Do you have anymore comments/thoughts from your sources on Taping 1?
  6. Can we get their full details or their thoughts on Desz and Tamaras battles? You can pm them to me or put them on here
  7. @Someone648 what’s the chance of us getting battle spoilers on Tuesday or are we just going to get spoilers collectively from both days on Wednesday
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