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  1. Omg @jus.vshni can totally see a AA powerhouse killing 7 Rings similar to Injoy
  2. So my friend that was in the Virtual audience for the finale said that the producer guy said that “the voice will be back live next season”. Meaning the live audience will be back.
  3. I’m hoping for a live audience. Well actually both. Like keep the wall on the back and just have persona on the side of the stages. It just hasn’t been the same without the audience. I miss how the good ole “the voice” felt
  4. Am I the only one who fears that we won’t get the token “AA Powerhouse” this season
  5. Do you have like a link? Or was it live? And did he mention anything else like the audience? Or no
  6. Is it confirmed that we’re getting an audience? I saw someone say Carson said something? If that’s true, then nomore full spoilers (which is exciting) and plus question, will we still be in the same studio? Or is this new studio gonna be like made bigger?
  7. https://deadline.com/2021/05/the-tonight-show-starring-jimmy-fallon-full-vaccinated-crowd-early-june-1234762943/ This is a nbc reality show going back to in person audience with vaccinated people. And they start filming that early June.. I think more than likely the voice might be going the vaccinated in person audience route…since they’ll probably not film until late June. What are you guys thoughts?
  8. Is that an excuse to not congratulate your artist? Nick has laughed and smiled countless times on the show.
  9. Now I know I’m not the only one who recognized Nicks disappointment after hearing Rachel’s name get called for PV. Dude didn’t even crack a smile.
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