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  1. 1. Sawyer 2. Josh 3. Tessanne 4. Chris 5. Jordan 6. Alisan 7. Javier 8. Cassadee 9. Sundance 10. Chevel 11. Craig 12. Hoot 13. Maelyn 14. Chloe 15. Danielle 16. Brynn 17. Jermaine
  2. 1. Ricky - Let it Be 2. Ricky - A Woman Like Her 3. Jake - Desperado 4. Ricky - River 5. Katie - Baby I Love You 6. Max - when the party's over 7. Jake & Kelly - Wintersong 8. Rose - God's Country 9. Mendeleyev - Girl from the North Country 10. Khalea - Best Part
  3. finally a male winner hopefully another guy will win s18
  4. there's another one with subtitles Ry2ivQ-MgXg
  5. No, she was booted in the next round :ph34r:
  6. all coaches grade every performance (and yeah coaches tend to give very high scores to their own team), the average score then combines with a public score. after that people with the highest score are automatically safe, everyone else competes in Instant Save
  7. coaches are still relevant even in the live shows. instead of just voting for constestants both public & coaches grade each performance, the combined score determines who's safe. out of those 4 Anouk is by far the best coach, but it might be dangerous to join her team because she's pretty ruthless lol. she once booted both singers after the battle because she hated it that much
  8. my favorites so far: Stef Classens Ayoub Maach (he's a finale lock if he can make lives, so hopefully Ali won't screw this one up) Daredevils Emma Boertien lmao 3/4 of my favorites picking my least favorite coach :|
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