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  1. Pete Mroz just announced on Instagram that he and Jordan will be appearing at Ole Red in Tishomingo OK on Aug. 14.
  2. Welp, Pete Mroz just announced on Instagram that he and Jordan will be appearing at Ole Red in Tishomingo OK on Aug. 14. Dang, that's gonna be good!
  3. Yesterday Jordan had a 1-hour Q&A/music session through JaM Cellars. Some new stuff, all acoustic and on the softer side. You can see it here: https://www.facebook.com/248011603114/videos/989618441867667
  4. Last night, Jordan was on Pete Mroz' Instagram show, and it was quite entertaining. They have quite a friendship since being on the Voice. Jordan's main concern right now is finding a good management team. He has a ton of music he is ready to record, and is working with several writers to develop more. They discussed Patreon. Jordan will be providing a behind-the-scenes look of what goes into recording and of course providing access to new material. Also, it appears that the two of them and one other former S20 member (not named) may be appearing at Ole Red Tishomingo OK sometime in the [near?] future. Pete will be performing in Nashville on July 16 & 17, and he suggested Jordan should join in on the fun.
  5. Just watched a brief live with JMY on Instagram. I think the weather caused it to cut off. The gist is that he's now on Patreon and will be adding new content, videos, etc. there for supporters. Cost is $5/mo. He can't do too much at the moment because of the contract w/The Voice, but he thought it would end about Jun 26. Should be a good place to keep up with him.
  6. Jordan is having a Welcome Home performance at the White Horse in Austin on Saturday night: https://www.facebook.com/stories/2005080666230731/UzpfSVNDOjEwMTU4NjM2ODEzOTg3NDk2/?bucket_count=9&source=story_tray Is that the redhead in the picture?
  7. When you think about it, he had a lot going against him, particularly if you use this place as a gauge for the typical viewer. I think the most fun was watching the collective mouth-drop when he sang Gold Dust Woman. Getting third was a major accomplishment but he was always in first place for me. I hope he continues to grow and shine.
  8. I hope this isn't a duplicate, but there's an interview with the 5 finalists by Access Hollywood: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A8NDIT5YDiQ
  9. I truly believe Cam will win tonight. The Voice knows it has a liability -- it's never produced a winner that's gone on to make a career in music, though the country artists have made strides. Cam is their best chance at moving into another arena, and they want/need it. If they get it, they'd better treat him right.
  10. Of course those two would sing something like this It should be entertaining.
  11. Talk about diverse! Jordan has covered almost every category of music I love. He's a gem and a keeper. It's been fun watching his journey, and I'll continue to follow it. Hope he gets to tour with Blake, and I hope we get to find out whether the redhead goes home with him!
  12. Wonderful sentiment from Cam -- for all people
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