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  1. Rose needs to be in the finale. She's the only one who's bothered to show a diversity of style. Frankly, I think she needs to win the whole thing (sorry, Ricky, luv ya dude).
  2. Rose will be in the top 4 unless she totally blows her wad, so to speak.
  3. Marybeth is killing it, and she deserves to go through with that performance.
  4. Hooray for Rose and Wild Man Will! And Gwen looks particularly lovely tonight.
  5. I'm a fan, sorta. Toxic was not good, and last night's performance was nice but not spectacular. She's not living up to the potential of her BA and especially her knockout. Here's hoping she gets her oomph back :)
  6. He has a "joie de vivre," a joy of life and an infectious enthusiasm. I enjoy it, too.
  7. I see two possibilities. (1) As someone mentioned before, he thought Gracee would do well in the WC so he saved Cali. (2) He did praise Cali for her attempt to put her own spin on a song, and she had done extremely well prior to that, so he was rewarding potential. That does seem to count for something to the judges.
  8. Further upstream on this thread, people were speculating about Blake's call for support during the playoffs. He only told the "audience" to vote through two people: Kat and Ricky D. The rest he just praised.
  9. I don't think she's creating the drama....
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