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  1. anyways, i'm excited for jacob and samantha this season
  2. I know that some of the subforums got deleted because of the whole data outage situation, so I was wondering if they are going to come back? Specifically the Idol Games subforum, because that was such a huge part of my Idolforums experience. Thanks in advance!
  4. basically because her sound is evolving and she thinks her fans that she gained from The Voice are a bit too toxic and demanding
  5. CONGRATULATIONS TO CHLOE KOHANSKI THE SEASON 13 THE VOICE WINNER welcome to the fan thread "very emotional girl" QUOTETheir combined ages barely exceeds the age of one member of the Rolling Stones, yet when Cumberland Blue performs suddenly age, musical labels and everything else dissolves into a formidable wall of sound unlike anything else in contemporary music. Their unique blues/rock vibe is captured on the band’s debut EP Awakening. The six-piece band calls Nashville home, but like Jack White, King of Leon and Sheryl Crow, Cumberland Blue is expanding the perception of Music City. “We are literally rooted in the blues, but our sound has come far from there,” says lead vocalist Chloe Kohanski. “It’s taking the blues, but definitely putting a more modern twist on it with an emphasis on rock and a little bit more of a gritty sound. We started with blues and we’re changing and evolving.” QUOTEMiley was one of Chloe's musical inspirations growing up. She has always wanted to be a singer but after graduation, she decided to go to college to be an English teacher. Soon after, she realized that wasn't for her, so she quit school and started playing in a blues band. Her decision to pursue music wasn't exactly what her parents hoped for, as they have always been concerned that the music industry can be unpredictable. While they always want what's best for Chloe, they are still supportive of her singing. The Voice is Chloe's chance to make her parents proud and get validation of her musical talent. QUOTEA soulful, throaty-voiced rock singer, Chloe Kohanski first came to the public's attention as the winner of the 13th season of The Voice. Born in 1993, Kohanski grew up in Mount Juliet, Tennessee, where she became interested in singing at a young age. After high school, she entered Cumberland University in Lebanon, Tennessee, with plans to earn an English degree. However, she soon dropped out to pursue her music interests, and worked at a local Starbucks to help make ends meet. She eventually moved to Nashville, where she performed locally before successfully auditioning for a spot on the vocal competition program The Voice in 2017. Initially competing as part of judge Miley Cyrus' team, Kohanski was briefly eliminated before opting to continue on judge Blake Shelton's team. In December 2017, she was named the winner of The Voice, and released her coronation single "Wish I Didn't Love You," which was included on The Complete Season 13 Collection. social media: | instagram. | facebook. | youtube. | soundcloud. | twitter. | music: volume i album this is our time was loving me hard to do friend tell me something come this far the voice performances: ~ the chain, fleetwood mac ~ ~ i am woman, helen reddy ~ ~ landslide, stevie nicks ~ ~ time after time, cyndi lauper ~ ~ thank you, dido ~ ~ if it will (it will), hank william jr ~ total eclipse of the heart, bonnie taylor ~ ~ call me, blondie ~ ~ wicked game, chris isaak ~ ~ i want to know what love is, foreigner ~ ~ bette davis eyes, kim carnes ~ ~ wish i didn't love you, chloe kohanski ~ ~ white wedding, billy idol ~ ~ come this far, chloe kohanski ~ fanlist: 1. Kaito 2. thevoicefan45 3. TeamB 4. Redenator 5. Cookie73 5. you tbh 6. VoiceFan1 7. datinamanda 8. thevoicerules 9. mercfan3' 10. starkguy 11. guitarman8484 12. shai 13. marshmallowXpie 14. bbyrchl 15. echoap 16. thevoicefan 17. Someone648 18. TeamAudra 19. Pokey638 20. fredcr123 21. iamacetig 22. KismetKobra 23. Spurrious 24. TheFreeman 25. istersay 26. Dany 27. smittenKat 28. tvsongster 29. xGMANx 30. abouttoexplode 31. Rat! 32. indodol 33. Tarts 34. sunmoon 35. ElleMusic78 36. Drew1903 37. Naira 38. Tylerrr 39. Vinyl 40. JeremyxD 41. Milkitaaa 42. mcjrdgf 43. mjdolorico 44. dimitri 45. rimlaw 46. thevoice47 47. Niki 48. *Diana 49. Ryan 50. emyhendrix 51. v0ice 52. xfactor22 53. Survivor 54. octoberdana 55. not.amused 56. kclarkson321 57. guilhermeaoshi 58. Sprenk 59. Carson Daly 60. Grapo. 61. WastedinMemphis 62. monkshood 63. jstxanothrxstory 64. Djsoke 65. littleinfinities 66. smittenKat 67. formerlurker 68. Kert 69. stooch 70. Sadora 71. Monophy 72. FutureSurvivor 73. Brangelica 74. you :shifty: This post has been edited by istersay: May 21st 2019, 1:28 PM
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