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  1. Great! @Summer Overby will add you to the list once she gets back!
  2. I still hesitate to call him a country artist, but I get the sentiment! You're new here! Would you like to be added to the fan list?
  3. This would have been such a prime candidate for a save, but they are just too similar that I don't see Guy saving either one if they lose. Hope Guy makes the right decision here, but not holding my breath.
  4. If it was public voting, I would have been confident that Timothy would get a place in the finale, but now that it's coach's choice, I am waffling between Johnny and him. It will heavily depend on how they'll perform in the showdowns and semis, but from what I'm seeing, Guy likes them both a lot. Hopefully Timothy can give a brilliant performance tomorrow so he can get ahead of Johnny, who clearly stumbled tonight. If I was Johnny, I would be extremely worried about a significant portion of the public still picking Wolf's disastrous performance over his technically better if ill-advised song choice.
  5. Excited for Timothy and Stellar too!
  6. Don't forget, Kelly has that pairing where she didn't want to choose anyone. Maybe she'd be allowed to take another loser from her other pairings. That sounds about on par with all the rule-breaking this season.
  7. Thank you for that. Really hope you're right about your spec on Guy's team.... I want Timothy to go all the way.
  8. Wait, they already filmed The Showdowns?? Sorry I haven't been paying attention to the schedule.
  9. OK, Playoffs are starting tonight, so here are my pairings for my fantasy team. Because Caleb Jago-Ward was not able to return, I will be replacing him with one of my original members, Alex Weybury. Stellar Perry vs. Claudia Harrison Timothy James Bowen vs. Elyse Sene-Lefao Alex Weybury vs. Matt Gresham Johnny Manuel vs. Jesse Teinaki Let's see how it all shakes up!
  10. They are becoming more and more like TVUS every season
  11. A TV spot about Todd's show. https://www.wbir.com/mobile/video/news/local/five-at-four/voice-winner-todd-tilghman-performing-in-pigeon-forge/51-d983ed82-9bbc-4a0d-ba41-770e7ef538db
  12. When I was a kid, I had a CD of David Foster songs that I would play ad nauseam on my old CD boombox, and one of the songs in there was Glory of Love, which he wrote. So when Todd sang that song I instantly felt a wave of nostalgia coming over me. I guessed America felt the same way, hence why he clinched that public vote. Blake made a good call on that song.
  13. Oh damn that sucks! At least they are home and healthy, I'm assuming. Gonna bet on Xy or Luke Biscan for a save. I wonder if they would allow Caleb and Ella to return in some capacity next year?
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