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  1. Team Kelly Megan Danielle - Angel (Sarah McLachlan) Micah Iverson - Give Me Love (Ed Sheeran) Team Nick Allegra Miles - Grand Piano (Jasmine Thompson) / Never Let Me Go (Florence + the Machine) Jon Mullins - Speechless (Dan+Shay) / Bless the Broken Road (Rascal Flatts) Team John Thunderstorm Artis - Fire and Rain (James Taylor) Zan Fiskum - People Help the People (Birdy) / Lose You to Love Me (Selena Gomez) Team Blake Todd Tilghman - Butterfly Kisses (Bob Carlisle) / I Swear (John Michael Montgomery) / Lean on Me (Bill Withers) / Whipping Post (Allman Brothers) Toneisha Harris - 1+1 (Beyonce) Cedrice - Ready for Love (India Arie)
  2. I wonder if Todd could maybe strike a deal with the museum he performed in live yesterday. I know they have recording studios there but I don't know if they are functional. Or maybe just rent the theater they did the premiere watch party in.
  3. Cool! Feel free to hit me a message so I can get your name. And he did sound good. I do worry that the current plan for the live shows might limit his stage presence. It's gonna be interesting to see how he will handle having to record a performance in a house of 8 kids. Assuming he made lives, of course.
  4. Here is the livestreamed set that Todd did from the Mississippi Arts+Entertainment Experience museum this morning. He covered everything from country to rock to gospel. We now have an idea of how Todd sounds in a livestream setting, which will probably be how things will go for the rest of the season, so hopefully he can adjust his singing style to fit this new normal. https://www.facebook.com/msartsorg/videos/511953406349224/
  5. It's a reasonable assumption. It will also be nice to have Todd on back-to-back weeks on our TVs.
  6. IKR??? I actually don't mind if Todd goes for a 90s country song for his KO, that era of country music fits perfectly with his voice.
  7. Ranking them based on who I think are their current Top 2: 04. TEAM KELLY: Micah Iverson/........Megan Danielle? 03. TEAM JOHN: Thunderstorm Artis/Zan Fiskum 02. TEAM NICK: Jon Mullins/Allegra Miles 01. TEAM BLAKE: Todd Tilghman/Toneisha Harris
  8. Watching Todd's IG Live with Jon! Here's some highlights: - Todd was the last person Jon wanted to face in the battle rounds, because he was so good. They were the last pairing made for Team Blake. As for Todd, he literally didn't want to battle anyone. They both think Team Blake this season is very diverse and each person is different from the others. - According to them, they were basing their performance more on the Allison Krauss version than the Shenandoah one. They really approached it with the mindset that they know this performance would be seen by many people, so they have to both sound good. They practiced EVERYWHERE whenever they had time, which contributed to the quality of their performance. - Todd did sort of audition for X Factor.... there was a local talent show in Meridian that was taking its Top 4 winners to LA for an executive audition with X Factor. He didn't make Top 4, which was lucky for us! And apparently he sang We've Got Tonight to get in the show in the first place, which was a cool coincidence. - I tried asking them about #TeamDennys, but apparently that might approach spoiler territory, so NVM. - They were SO EXCITED for James Taylor in the KOs. He apparently was very complimentary of Todd. - Todd's song list for his various auditions up until the actual TV audition include: We've Got Tonight, Broken Halos (Chris Stapleton), Brown-Eyed Girl (Van Morrison) and Angel Eyes, which was my favorite Voice contestant's audition song, which made me so happy! - Someone suggested on the stream that Todd should sing Butterfly Kisses by Bob Carlisle on the show, which I think is a brilliant choice for his voice. Hope this happens. - Kelly is Todd's second choice for his coach, but he chose Blake because personality-wise, they're very similar. - Todd felt that his battle was his weakest performance. If that is true, his KO is gonna be even more BRILLIANT. - Todd mentioned in passing that Conversations in the Dark is his favorite John Legend song, which I found interesting coz I honestly didn't peg Todd as someone who is in tune to current pop music, no offense. LOL. - Todd will do another live tomorrow where he may actually get to perform some songs! Stay tuned.
  9. 06. Mandi Thomas vs Sara Collins 05. Megan Danielle vs Samantha Howell 04. Samuel Wilco vs Arei Moon 03. Thunderstorm Artis vs Cedrice 02. Zan Fiskum vs Brittney Allen 01. Todd Tilghman vs Jon Mullins - this is a keeper. Love the harmonies here. So happy both made it!!!
  10. As even as that battle was, I'm glad America chose Todd!
  11. Oh, so many things to say.... First off, I noted in Todd's audition that while he performed well, his constant jumping did affect his vocals. I said that if he keeps his nervous energy, his voice would reach its full potential. And this battle is proof of that. His voice here is GORGEOUS. His rasp was used in all the right moments, and I love how he harmonized beautifully with Jon, who I also loved since blinds. You can tell they came into this battle with the intent of creating a duet instead of a battle. I am honestly excited when Blake picked Todd though, because that tells me he'll be in his corner all the way. So glad Jon is stolen though, I was also doing the #HolyHop with Todd when that happened! On to the Knockouts!
  12. You have to be, to get through this show for its entirety.... or at least as long as my snowflake is on screen.
  13. MY MAN THROUGH TO THE NEXT ROUND!!! Todd's living room and the 400+ viewers of the stream goes wild!!!!
  14. Man I love Jon too and they're were soooooo even on this song! Love it!
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