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  1. Hi, please add me! I liked the potential I saw in his audition and now that he's possibly in the Top 20, I feel better about stanning him.
  2. I liked Francisco much better than anyone from the premiere episode, so this is potentially exciting news!
  3. Anyone here recognizes the voice that's on the end of this video, a male 4 chair turner?
  4. It's official, get ready to see Jonny this weekend! Interestingly, it seems that Jonny and Margie auditioned separately. I guessed they dated after the auditions?
  5. Apparently Jonny was seen in a promo for next week so we have 6 days to go before we finally see him!
  6. No Jonny unfortunately this week. I guess this is for the best, the premiere is full of indie guys so Jonny will probably get lost in the shuffle if he went on tonight. Anyone caught Jonny in the promo for next week?
  7. I hope so, I can't take 5 weeks of Idol's grueling audition episodes.
  8. Music video for Jonny's single I See. Apparently AI allows its contestants to release original stuff while they're still tied to the show.
  9. Thank you for linking that article, I was trying to locate Cade's original tweet. You know, I honestly thought Maddie was too aggressive with her first reply to Cade, but I was expecting Cade to get his foot out of his mouth and apologize.... But that shady Jesus tweet and Maddie's dad's post just erased my sympathy for both parties. Clearly, there was conflict in this group even during S16, as Ada implied in her replies. I didn't even watch this season, just super bored and stumbled upon this. :roll:
  10. AI is blessed to have a beautiful, talented soul like Jeremiah grace their stage.
  11. Nelson Cade was on my shortlist but I was under the impression that he didn't turn a chair coz of social media evidence. Glad I was wrong! Now I have 2 people to look forward to. Actually, make that 3, I am also interested in Roderick Chambers.
  12. Idol Chatter's profile of Jonny. https://idolchatteryd.com/meet-jonny-west-of-american-idol-season-18/
  13. Jonny finally posted about his Idol appearance on IG. Based on the caption, it's beginning to seem likely that Jonny didn't really plan to audition on AI. Margie, we owe yah bigtime!
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