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  1. Ricky has gone early twice and late twice. Not really that alarming. If he is late again next week, then it would be obvious they are trying to help him. Hello Sunday has gone late for the past three weeks, Katie and Marybeth have had their fair share of late slots as well (3 late, 1 early). Kat is like the one who consistently goes early.
  2. Yeah I feel like Christiana songs aren't the best for competitions. Even if they are impressive, they never really connect
  3. A little behind Rose: incredible. Definately the performance of the season. Had to watch it twice. Marybeth: it was actually good. I think because the song was innately simple. It didn't push her limits. Her best since the battle rounds. Kat: I didn't hate this. It was nice. I think I just really like the song. Probably one of the best melodies ever honestly. Skipped Shane and Jake Joanna: This was nice as well. Tonight has been really good.
  4. Lol they would have to be performing at the same level for that. Rose has consistently outperformed her and nothing suggest Marybeth is a threat. If anything Rose is consistently gaining momentum
  5. Was that really a moment though But I agree, both songs are somewhat similar so it will probably be on par with that performance. I just don't see the Selena song translating live honestly.
  6. Opening: Marybeth Closing: Hello Sunday Most streamed: Jake
  7. I wonder what Shelby Brown song Marybeth will sing this week :ph34r: Katie - Oh Darling by the Beatles; I will not rest till she does this Marybeth- Lover by Taylor Swift Will- Sunday Morning by Maroon 5 Joanna- The Joke by Brandi Carlile (been wanting her to sing this song) Rose- When We Were Young by Adele Kat- Born to Fly by Sara Evans Ricky- Castle on the Hill by Ed Sheeran (I would prefer a ballad but this seems to be in line with what he has been doing) Jake- Didn't You Love How Much I Loved You by Kellie Pickler Shane Q- Gravity by John Mayer (I just picture him doing this) Hello Sunday- Proud Mary by Tina Turner (would show personality and mask their horrid vocals)
  8. lol there is 0 chance of that happening. I really can't think of anyone dethroning him. He probably has the biggest fanbase. I feel like a lot of others rely on causal voters who are not going to stream.
  9. Katie song choice was very old-fashioned and overdone. I don't see why anyone would stream that. I have noticed that the most streamed tends to remain consistent. So unless Jake bombs like Reagan, which is unlikely, I think he has it for the rest of the competition. Katie is just not a streaming artist. She is more in line with the contestant who would have gotten multiple iTunes bonuses some seasons ago. And none of the other contestants are even worth discussing in regards to streaming lol
  10. Not really. No one else is really streaming bait.
  11. I agree People always use the "why do people care when he or she wasn't gonna win anyway" excuse until their favorite goes home. IDF favorites Kyndal and Gracee were eliminated and that same faulty argument applies to them, but that doesn't stop people from still whining about those eliminations. Max's elimination as well. The same thing would've happened if Marybeth went home tonight for example. Watch if Hello Sunday outlast some favorite, this board will be in shambles. All I'm saying is keep the same energy for all eliminations, popular contestants and not so popular contestants. What would be the point in watching if people aren't invested.
  12. I- That was two seasons ago lmao. Gyth also had it once as well.
  13. why are y'all suprised by Jake. I remember pointing out that Chris Kroeze was most streamed numerous times and someone said it was "cause of his hometown." The country fans are definitely aware of streaming.
  14. I've never heard this reason lmao. That's a unique argument
  15. I mean other than Rose and Katie, who can you say is always solid this season. I will take that over some of the mess we have seen from a lot of others. And tonight was strong tbh.
  16. I mean he hasn't performed...and iTunes is irrelevant tbh
  17. Story of Marybeth. I feel like she should be better than she is. She just leaves me feeling cold. Never really bad but so bland.
  18. Story of Marybeth. I feel like she should be better than she is. She just leaves me feeling cold. Never really bad but so bland.
  19. Honestly listen to her studio multiple times a week. Probably one of the best covers.
  20. She sang it fine...didn't feel anything from it. Myracle gives you emotion. This was emotionally flat.
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