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  1. Honestly she doesn't need it now. Bloodbath week please
  2. How did you go from Kat being the performance of the season to this
  3. Last week wasn't good either. Ricky really hasn't had a bad vocal even if i prefer Max's song choices.
  4. Katie- Oh Darling by the Beatles Marybeth- Crying by Roy Orbison Will- Vienna by Billy Joel Cry Me a River by Michael Buble Rose- I'm Here from the Color Purple Joanna- Rise Up by Andra Day or Scars to your Beautiful by Alessa Cara (I feel this song is corny but knowing Gwen I see it coming) Myracle- Ready for Love by India.Arie Ricky Duran-Gravity by John Mayer (overdone but would fit his voice), Also like Unware by Allen Stone Kat (I've never heard her sing so idk ...went to watch her audition and saw she already did Vienna so there goes Will's song choice)- What the World Needs Now by Jackie DeShannon or I Will by the Beatles Cali- Shake It Out by Florence and the Machine. Rhiannon would fit her voice perfectly but she already did a Fleetwood Mac Song. Max- Apologize by One Republic Jake Hoot- Riot by Rascal Flatt Shane- idk...Stay With Me by Sam Smith Hello Sunday- Emotions by the Bee Gees (Destiny's Child cover specifically)
  5. I love Marybeth but she is very Addison-like. She should probably stay clear of the songs she sang
  6. Kyla was for sure bussed but Aliyah bussed? She should be lucky they pushed her into the top 3. Her sudden pimping from top 10 on was one of the most bizarre things in the shows history. Idk about Kat. She is not really a stand out but I can see her having a hidden base. Sorta like Emily Roberts. No one is really a stand out which is why we are having a hard time predicting this season. I feel like the causal voters will be really important this season.
  7. He probably needed a quick reason tbh :ph34r:
  8. That's like...not the point of his comment though. I think one can look past the show and voting for a second to understand where he is coming from.
  9. I'm sorry I was rereading the thread and I had to laugh
  10. That's all you got from that comment Ignore the other people in the song to make your point I guess. Never referenced the song being good or bad. I just said it should have been an easy song to sing and she literally struggled through it. Justin Beiber is not exactly a vocalist. Her song was no worse than a lot of other people's songs.
  11. So because "no one cares about her," which is debatable btw, Myracle does not deserve a good or decent song and deserves to be treated like garbage. I guess that is excellent coaching in your book. I don't know why people are acting like Kyndal's song was terrible. I actually just realized that it is a current Dan + Shay/Justin Beiber song. All she had to do was sing it well and she probably would have had a decent chance but she literally botched a song that doesn't seem that hard to sing. I like Kyndal but I can be objective for two seconds. Not sure why she deserves a save when her performance was not exceptional. Like there could be a case if she actually you know...maybe sang well. I would argue that people with much worse song choices manage to at least sing it decently and still made it. Rose and Joanna's, especially Rose's, song choices were worse than Kyndal's honestly.
  12. Chris won most streamed almost every week of season 15 so not really accurate
  13. Wasn't really what the discussion was about but okay
  14. I like her but kyndal deserves to be instantly eliminated for that attempted high note lmao
  15. Kyndral flopping too. All the people IDF predicted to win
  16. Lmao what. She couldn't even get in the top 2. How was she gonna win
  17. Yeah the reaction was pretty significant. Reminded me of the reaction after Shalyah performed listen in the playoffs. I don't think Marybeth is as safe as people would like to think.
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