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  1. What is the size of the crowd? 1k, 2k?
  2. It's always something with Arthur. He doesn't seem like a pleasant person to be around tbh. He blows off any advice mentors give him, he disrespectfully changes the arrangement of songs, and now this. I see his fans on social media sites always trying to victimize him, saying "poor Arthur, the producers set him up to be hated on because of the comeback" and "he's so humble and feels bad about taking a spot" like he had a gun to his head when he decided to come back. A poster is victimizing him in this thread. I don't think anyone cares enough to "hate on" Arthur, but there are too many data points for his behavior and actions to be coincidences. He could've declined to participate in this season, especially since he apparently gave up a recording deal after he got runner-up. This second go-around did him no favors. In addition, a lot of his fans were claiming that the other contestants weren't nice to him because they were angry about how he got to come back and I don't think that is the case. A lot of the other contestants (Louis, Mikayla) seemed to have formed great friendships with the current contestants. Olivia stays in Casey's comment section. He doesn't really seem to be friendly with anyone from his two seasons on the show. The producers really did ruin what was looking like a great season for idol. All the other noise took away from the talent and decent contestants got screwed over every step of the way. Some firings definitely need to occur.
  3. It might feel like an award show performance because Victor said copy paste . From the choreography, to the way he sang it, all the way down to the way Kendrick rapped his verse. All that was missing was the water lmao. It was a good performance (even though the rasp was verging on hoarse in some parts), but he is not really flipping anything really imo. Surprised he got the pimp spot. The votes must not be close because if they were, they would have went all out for Cam. Victor getting the pimp spot is the equivalent of Kennedy and Rose getting the pimp spot. Their performances were fitting closers but it's clear they were not winning. Producers threw strategy out the window and want for a lineup/closer that makes sense.
  4. It is Freedom by Beyoncé. It didn't sound all that great from what I listened to. I turned it off after 30 seconds. The pacing seemed off. It felt like he was singing at a tempo way faster than the original. Plus, he sounds much raspier (almost to the point of losing his voice) than usual. "The Chain" seems like a trainwreck waiting to happen, especially after she screamed the ending of Human last week.
  5. I don't really thing "Stay" is a bus if that's what you are implying. It's not like it's a hard song to sing. It's Rihanna. It allows him to do something different which is more compelling, at least imo. It's along the lines of Sundance singing "No One" by Alica Keys. I just listened to his studio. I personally don't care for the arrangement or his voice, but it should win him some creativity points.
  6. I'm convinced people just come on here and say anything I don't really care for the song because Willie has done it too many times already lol, but the song is dynamic. The song has low notes, high notes, falsetto, and a gospel-like finish. The biggest song he has sang this season. Not sure what else he should be singing to show his vocal abilities.
  7. Predictable. Can't say anyone else in the top 3 deserved it more tbh. All 3 were fine, but nothing memorable.
  8. Not even watching but not shocked by Grace. Like I said after Casey's elimination, she made it to the top 3 off of sheer talent, not smart or strategic song choices. She made it because she can sing her face off. That's really it. She was a very obvious third place finish. Had Casey been smarter and not essentially thrown away top 7 week, they could've swapped places honestly. This season has been set up for Willie to win even if Chayce seems like the obvious winner right about now. I will take a chance and still say Willie wins. He is sort of giving me Just Sam vibes as he seems like the underdog right now.
  9. This is an exact copy + paste of your first post on this site. We heard you the first five times you said this. We know you are talking about Kenzie, even with the replaced names lmao. You already trying to minimize the potential win of Cam, a black contestant part of a group that already has an innate disadvantage on this show, is not a good look. The Voice is built on manipulation and pushing certain contestants over others so not sure how you have survived this long. Literally we can point to examples of moments from any season of the show where non-winners were bussed in favor of the winner or other finale contestants. It takes a certain level of exposure, screen time, and pimping to even get to the finale. Every winner was pushed or given some advantage over other contestants at some point in the competition. Lastly, I'm sure the winners will be just fine without you counting their win as a "complete win," whatever that means
  10. I think Cam is clearly getting the finale pimp spot. It's the only thing that makes sense, especially since Victor lowkey blew it this week and was underwhelming imo. I think they can rely on Cam to give a moment and they also wouldn't mind him winning (I believe they want him to win) so that's two points in favor of him closing.
  11. He probably had 100 runs on Feeling Good and a lot were calling it one of the best knockouts in the show's history? Also have y'all heard the original?
  12. Is that unpopular? All his other performances >> tonight. I thought it was messy. I've been hearing about how the producers aren't letting him have a moment this season and they should let him do gospel all season because it's in his wheelhouse and it was extremely underwhelming. Off-key in parts. He seemed and sounded more comfortable doing the uptempo music tbh. It might have been the song as well. Victor's voice is too gritty for that particular song. He was better off singing something like Break Every Chain or Take Me to the King. Him trying to gospel-up I can only imagine just didn't work. It is a song that needs to be song as is in my opinion. I think Davon might still have the best cover of that song imo.
  13. I listened to Cam's studio a smooth 20 times in the last hour lol. It was flawless and I am confused as to why people were unimpressed by it in the morning. Probably one of my favorite studios on the show. Same thing happened with Take Me To Church last week. This board did a complete 180, imo, from vastly overhyping him during the pre-live rounds to not giving him nearly enough credit now. Strange since I feel he has improved (or at least has not declined since then). I haven't seen the live performance since I am waiting on youtube but it is clear from the ranking thread and social media he, once again, got one of the best reception tonight. Lol y'all were hyping up Victor performing gospel this entire season (saying he deserved a moment and the pimp spot tonight) and he gave us...that. Very mediocre. I actually thought it was his worst performance to date. He was better off sticking to the uptempo stuff tbh.
  14. I think expecting sucessful or superstar winners is a fool's errand at this point, but Chayce probably stands a better chance than Willie and Grace. I think the latter two would immediately be dropped like Just Sam last season.
  15. It's a stretch, but I hope someone like Phineas decides to work with her. She's gained a lot of Instagram followers tonight. One thing I wished she did more throughout the competition was engage through social media. She hasn't used twitter since April 6th. The other three are great at that, constant posts encouraging fans to vote. She didn't even post about her original song the day it came out. Makes me think she wasn't really pressed to win which I can't blame her. It might have been more of an exposure thing. Grace, without fail, posts voting instructions every week. Casey never really gave more than the obligatory "American Idol is on tonight" post. A lot of what could've, should've, would've been, but I hope she gets better at that if she decides to pursue a career post-idol.
  16. Grace is an obvious 3rd to me...giving me Madison Vandenburg. She's gotten this far on sheer talent, not really strategy or good song choices.
  17. Proud of her. It was kind of obvious tracking social media numbers tonight. Grace and Willie were doing much better than her. She was doing better than Chayce, but Chayce is someone whose base probably doesn't utilize a lot of social media. I honestly didn't want her to win so finale would have been nice, but I'm not distraught over this. I hope she can figure something out. She's really young so the world is her oyster (as cliche as that sounds lol).
  18. Damn...it wasn't supposed to be a literal comparison. Just that she falls into the white female powerhouse category. She's way more digestible than a rock girl singing "wish you were gay." Lol, I couldn't care less about if she is as good as Kelly. I don't think she is, but it's not that serious
  19. It's Ruben Studdard and Kelly Clarkson reincarnated. The audience (for even The Voice tbh) is very predictable. Still confused how Just Sam won last season.
  20. I think Willie is winning. I've predicted that from the beginning and his social media numbers kind of stomp on the rest.
  21. I knew it. The others are in line with what voters typically vote for so meh.
  22. I hate you. It was good that Phineas told him to come up with something cause it would have been a homicide.
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