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  1. Why are we acting like Rose can't do that...she's been doing it the entire competition. I'm sure producers knew Kennedy wasn't winning but her performance was a showstopper so it made sense ending with her.
  2. Katie is closing this week. There is like no other options. Unpopular opinion, but I don't think finale pimp spots carry that much weight. I would go as far as to say blood bath pimp spots are more important.
  3. Meh there is no point in that. Kelly already has Jake and it isn't like HS is exactly good. I doubt that would make a difference in the Gabrielle Union story. That story is too big. Plus, it doesn't really involve The Voice.
  4. Yeah the third spot is up for grabs depending on performance. I could see HS causing an upset if they made their way to the middle three with Ricky and Kat. I feel like Rose wins in any and all possible breakdowns if she finds herself in the middle three though.
  5. Will was pimped this week as fodder for bloodbath. There is no way he makes the PV so I think producers knew that pushing him would leave Marybeth in a precarious position. They didn't necessarily bus her, but pimping Will was a message to her "we don't really need you anymore." Combine that with the fact that she hasn't really done much to set herself apart as a front runner and producers know what the results look like, it wasn't really surprising she was in the bottom. It was just that other people on the bubble like her were pushed (Will, HS) as opposed to her. Now they have a number of contestants who make the road to the finale easier for the likes of Katie, Jake, and Rose/Ricky. There is like 0% chance Marybeth, Will, or HS are making it past next week. I don't see HS getting the pimp spot either. I think Katie is most likely getting the pimp spot. She is due for it. My gut is saying PV will be Jake, Katie, Rose Middle three will be Ricky, Kat, and Will. Kat will go first and Ricky last. Ricky makes it. You can probably swap Rose and Ricky maybe but the general gist is the same. I feel like Rose edges him out. Rose gets the pimp spot in the finale. Probably won't make a difference but she usually gives finale closer level performances.
  6. Yeah I feel like Spensha Baker is a more fitting example. There was literally no indication that she was popular enough to get the public vote
  7. I definately agree with you. I was just thinking out loud. She could very well be doing much better than expected. Her doing better than Marybeth this week is worth mentioning. Producers have been handling her really weird. At least Chris had the streaming bonus to give us a hint.
  8. I see. They honeslty just give off the impression that she is barely scrapping by which is weird if she was in any way leading. Like I don't think she has ever been called before Ricky.
  9. Then why leave her to the very end every results show. That doesn't make sense to me. They are also giving the impression that Ricky is doing better than her as well.
  10. Honestly i feel like people have been overestimating Marybeth and underestimating Hello Sunday. Marybeth would have to give the performance of a lifetime and I don't think she is capable. Plus, I think they will actually bus her next week and not the imaginary bus people are talking about this week.
  11. Wrong song for Marybeth. Meh but she was probably the best
  12. I honestly think them choosing to push Will over her did her in but I don't think she was directly bussed. They just kind of let her "meh" trajectory take its course.
  13. I mean Marybeth cried about her dead grandfather two weeks ago so we probably shouldn't do this
  14. Don't know why y'all are confident about Marybeth. I feel like it is a tactic to fake suprise and outrage if she is in the bottom 3. There is a good chance she could be there even though she doesn't deserve it this week
  15. I think Apple Music is fine :ph34r: but it's kinda dumb to make a big deal about it on performance night and then not mention it. Unless he quickly mentions it when he annouces Jake safe which I can see happening.
  16. You are doing all this over itunes. They are probably selling like 500 copies max. It's not that serious.
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