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  1. I thought she would do Shallow...this is close. It was okay.
  2. Her head voice was a little sus but it was fine I guess. I'm starting to think she is a little overratted. Still hasn't come to her audition.
  3. Mediorce like everything he does. He has no identity.
  4. Why did everyone decide to choose the most unknown songs
  5. Playoffs are usually rough. Last season was a mess.
  6. The bar is set low in general. Not just her team. No one from the other teams is exhibiting excellence tbh.
  7. I honestly thought max was okay...compared to everything else. Must be in the Twilight zone
  8. I was like Addison never sang this song...until i realized it was one of the throw away coaches duet.
  9. First decent song of the night...see what a good song can do. Already one of the best
  10. She's performing at 8:30 instead of 8:38? It's not that big of a deal tbh. All of the performances are clumped together that order doesn't really matter.
  11. The coach's save was moved to the battle rounds for some odd reason. I think the show is determined to enforce one stupid rule each season. It's like its goal at this point. :ph34r:
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