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  1. Cassadee Pope can be excluded from this narrative. Even if she was already famous before The Voice. There's 2. The one that you can't see is who I think is gonna win, though. She's a rocker btw.
  2. Semi-finals have been eligible to return in a subsequent season since S10 changed the cut-off period. We've had semi-finalists return in subsequent seasons (Chase from S11, Kay Kay Alexis from whatever season, some of the 4000 S12 semi/quarter-finalists), they just never made the Top 24 so the show didn't bother showing them. Alyssa Raghu was the first one to actually make the semi-finals in two separate seasons.
  3. Not The Virus doing a two-hour clip show "highlighting" their ten years on the air last night and it almost exclusively being various montages of the coaches.
  4. Shandi Finnessey & Brian Fortuna - “The Power of Love” (Foxtrot) Top 7 Couples - “Rock This Town” (Swing) Laila Ali & Maks Chmerkovskiy - “May Each Day” (Waltz) Laila Ali & Maks Chmerkovskiy - “Maracaibo Oriental” (Mambo) [Reprise]
  5. I still haven't been partnered with at least a third of the rankers.
  6. And on top of it all, next week's theme is Coldplay.
  7. This was what the current cast looked like at the end of the show when they announced Arthur in the Top 7 with them:
  8. Unless the reprisal and original performance are both deserving of making the final list.
  9. Yeah, after they did a cut from 12 to 9, they had 10 contestants from S18 compete for a “second chance” slot to make the finals since their season became iPhone Idol. The 10 consisted of 7 semi-finalists, a Top 8-11 eliminee that was the sole wildcard of last year (meaning she went 0-3 on getting America’s votes), the 7th placer… and the runner-up. It’s a mess.
  10. The S5 finale was four reprises (that consisted of a performance we just heard a week ago, what the damn hell Kat) and two terrible coronation singles. It’s what it deserves tbh
  11. Rewatching Freaks and Geeks for the upteenth time. 90s show rankdown when!!
  12. Penultimate pick: Laila Ali & Maks Chmerkovskiy - ”España Cani” (Paso Doble)
  13. Oh, right. I’m participating in this round. Is there a list of what’s left?
  14. She probably would’ve made it through but she also turned in a reggae-inspired rendition of Beauty and the Beast that week too.
  15. He's the only country contestant. He's easily making the Top 5... maybe even the finale
  16. And yet I still remember more about this season than any of the ABC ones. And not just because of the Idol performance rankdown
  17. Overall, I would've preferred seeing DeShawn move on since he's been good, but his performance tonight was... not a good look. Cassandra did her best performance, but I'm not a fan of hers in general. Alyssa should've been gone in the semi-finals. I guess I'll go with DeShawn.
  18. Y'all realize ABC Idol has crowned 2 women in its 3 seasons, right? Just checking since y'all are doing #TheMost about the gender mark-up of the Top 7.
  19. Circle of Life - Jennifer Hudson When She Loved Me - Casey Bishop A Dream is a Wish Your Heart Makes - Just Sam Remember Me - Michelle Sussett You’ll Be in My Heart - Dimitrius Graham
  20. 01. Casey 02. Chayce 03. Hunter 04 / 05. Grace / Willie 06. Caleb 07. Last year's runner-up
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