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  1. Didn’t they just do this? K*t M*Phee reprising Somewhere Over the Rainbow realness.
  2. Prediction form: Week 11 Questions (Open-ended answers, 2 points each): - Who will open the episode? Justina & Sasha - Who will close the episode? Nev & Jenna - Who will be at the top of the reprisal dance round? Justina & Sasha - Who will be at the bottom of the reprisal dance round? Nelly & Daniela - Who will be at the top of the Freestyle round? Justina & Sasha - Who will be at the bottom of the Freestyle round? Nelly & Daniela - Who will be at the top of the overall leaderboard? Justina & Sasha - Who will be at
  3. Honestly I’m just ready for the season to be over so we can get to the DWTS rankdown
  4. Justina could also potentially get a voting boost if people think she shouldn’t have been in the B3 last week. Though I think Nelly’s going to win. His performance is going to rally up the votes.
  5. Me coming into this thread to comment: Me seeing the Hinchcliffe shade:
  6. Well since Dee wanted to sass me... Cut Annihilation Save The Lighthouse JK, I'm gonna let this expire anyway by editing this post because I've actually seen Annihilation and need all the help having a Top 20 of films I know.
  7. If Rei and I ever actually strategized to get it out, we probably wouldn't have had to target it so much.
  8. I'm just glad it wasn't a repeat of The X Factor rankdown were like three of my all-game targets made the final vote.
  9. It did sound really interesting. Plus as a homosexual, I’m contractually obligated to watch anything with both Elizabeth Olson and Sarah Paulson.
  10. MOTHER MARCY MAY MARLENE I haven't seen Martha Marcy May Marlene, but it has a longer name so it'll help me to get to 100 words quicker! I love that journey for it. Anyway, according to Wikipedia, Mother Marcy May Marlene is a 2011 drama-thriller that was written and directed by Sean Durkin. It stars Elizabeth Olson, John Hawkes, Sarah Paulson and Hugh Dancy, and was released in 2011. According to IMDb, the film's plot focuses on a damaged woman, haunted by painful memories and increasing paranoia, as she struggles to re-assimilate with her family after fleeing an abusive
  11. Can't wait for my ballot alone to determine the final ranking.
  12. I completely missed his post. I just saw Alex's post when I got home.
  13. THE FLORIDA PROJECT The Florida Project is a 2017 dramedy that was directed by Sean Baker, from a screenplay that he co-wrote with Chris Bergoch. Starring Willam Dafoe, Brookylnn Prince, Bria Vinaite, Valeria Cotto, Christopher Rivera and Caleb Landy Jones, The Florida Project follows a six-year-old girl that is living in Kissimmee, Florida with her single mother as they make ends meet to avoid being homeless. The film juxtaposes their life alongside Disney World, which is nearby (and had the original codename of "The Florida Project," which is where this film gets it name fro
  14. I just got home from work so I'll have it up within the next half hour.
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