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  1. lol I read the spoiler wrong because Casey's doing my favourite Disney song. Though the contestant in question is doing my second favourite Disney song so
  2. He still identifies as a male. As a drag queen, you can use she/her pronouns, but in the context of Idol, he was put through on the male's side.
  3. Why do the contestants pick the same songs every Disney week, jfc
  4. Honestly this is live footage of me all day knowing that Arthur was returning, it was Disney night (when I hate 98% of the Disney songs) and one of the contestants I don't like was singing my favourite Disney song:
  5. Arthur's return being announced followed immediately by a song from Cars?
  6. At this rate, I would've preferred seeing f*cking JAX back over Arthur.
  7. Imagine hearing Arthur's "singing" of Iris and being like "This. This is what I want more of." Praying for their ears tbh!
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