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  1. *me wanting Skai & Johnny to get a 30 so they have a chance in the votes but also not wanting them to get a 30 because I didn’t predict it*
  2. If Nelly is somehow in the top three in votes, I quit. And I cant imagine the judges saving him if he’s in the B3 when he’s been at the bottom of the leaderboard for weeks.
  3. Me when @*Lily does the DWTS awards and Justina/Sasha don’t win “Best/Favourite Couple:”
  4. I predicted this getting a perfect 30 so just once I would like the judges to not disappoint me
  5. Me every time Artem’s fine ass shows up on screen:
  6. *Me hating Nev but also needing him to get a 60 tonight for prediction points*
  7. I meant that all of Nelly’s routines need redemption.
  8. Kinda surprised they gave it three 9s... figured the wonky transitions would’ve knocked a point off from the judges.
  9. So are they doing all of their dances for their redemption dance or...?
  10. Man Child released his ~memoirs~ today so we really need a good result tonight to counteract that.
  11. The way this post could be about any routine.
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