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  1. Me voting for Makayla every week for the lulz
  2. I'm Team Bob Living his Best Life watching it all unfold
  3. "Lip sync: Tragedy" "not the Steps version"
  4. That information came directly from her wikipedia in the early years section
  5. Paris was born in Illinois and grew up in Minneapolis (Prince connection). I don’t know where Georgia came from but she was literally in high school in Minnesota at the time of her Idol audition.
  6. It was also the performance that snapped both of their “perfect games” as well.
  7. Wasn’t Paris from Prince’s hometown? That might’ve had something to do with it.
  8. lol well I’m not watching this season now. What a crock of sh*t.
  9. @*Wallace Watch UK2 now because we’re about to have three seasons airing simultaneously in June/July!
  10. @*Wallace Formerly reporting JC’s rankings thanks
  11. And it wasn't the Kelly dance I ranked at #1. -_-
  12. My last pick is *checks the front post* ...Mandisa's "Any Man of Mine," solely for being the least terrible performance of that song on the Idol stage? Then again the other option is Siobhan caterwauling the notes with no semblance of self-restraint
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