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  1. Me thinking of how production had no problem making a Brooke/Vanjie or Tayce/A’Whora B2 happen despite the challenge performance, but always gave Rolaskatox an out in AS2:
  2. 01. Bimini Bon Boulash - Queen of remaining cool, calm and collective. WWBBBD is my new life mantra. 02. Tayce - Queen of giving us the best lip syncing mug. 03. Ellie Diamond - She’s always been an underdog fave of mine, but I loved the shadiness of her order and that she finally popped off to the other girls. Also lowkey had my second favourite set of the night so I don’t think she should’ve been in the B2. A’Whora - Double save tbh. I really enjoyed what she brought to the season. Just thinking of how if she won the Episode 4 challenge over Lawrence and wasn’t in the B3 for s
  3. They can use a double save on Kandy but not A’Whora?
  4. ...Tayce in the bottom two?????? get my pocket book, I’m leaving!
  5. So they can complain about “rhinestoned bodysuits” every week on the US show but not for Lawrence?
  6. lol I thought Ellie’s sketch was hilarious
  7. Tayce watching A’whora and Lawrence arguing with Ellie while Bimini’s just chilling like
  8. The episode still isn’t up on Crave so I have to watch it live on Out TV.
  9. With Pound the Alarm and Roman Holiday right there?
  10. She was all "Dee, I am taking over the Discography Rankdown game so send me sh*t" and Dee was all "omg why are you so obsessed with me?"
  11. @*Chris whenever he's accused of not liking a specific Céline song:
  12. Shading my tributes as if Wally didn't give Jennifer Lopez a multi-part tribute...
  13. It reminded me I forgot to have Andy include Nothing More in the game Only for them to be to one of the first boots since I'm the only one at IDF who's even heard of them
  14. To be fair, that was just to be petty at Tom when he said I should've saved someone I was going to do a four-part tribute post to over TDG.
  15. Your Breaking Benjamin "write-up"? Your Shea Couleé ranking? I have notes!
  16. No, the 4-part essay was on Rise Against when @*Wallace cut them because he thought I'd rather save Demi sometimes I wonder what my brain could remember if it wasn't full of memories of when I was wronged in rankdowns
  17. In the music rankdown. I think you were the last one to make your cut/save and it was her vs someone you apparently like more than her. I didn't save her because I was too busy saving the rock acts. But then I crashed the page by embedding all of her songs on YouTube because old!IDF couldn't handle that much media
  18. Oh, I thought Who You Are was suddenly going viral and I was gonna have to recreate my recreation of the music video
  19. Look I have TikTok on my phone but I have no idea what actually happens on it, so what's this about? Hopefully she doesn't release it in four parts that aren't alphabetized again.
  20. It took me 41 pages to start stanning Jessie J, that's a new record for me!
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