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  1. YOU WERE NEVER REALLY HERE A film released in 2017, You Were Never Really Here is a traumatized veteran who tracks down kidnapped/missing girls for a living. One such job begins to unravel, exposing a conspiracy theory that puts his life and career at stake. The film stars Joaquin Phoenix, star of that terrible Joker film, and has an 89% at Rotten Tomatoes. Many critics found it derivative of Taxi Driver, which I can see based off the plot. Nonetheless, the film did garner $10 million at the US box office. No idea how that compares to its budget since Wikipedia has nothing listed.
  2. Honestly I’m surprised I was able to figure it out.
  3. @.Rei you only have 14 queens ranked but there were 15 in the cast.
  4. Is that every write-up? /bad host
  5. @Alex95 I’m at work until 5:00 so if the deadline is before then, I’ll need an extension until around 6/6:30 eastern. If not, just ignore this.
  6. Monét should’ve been in the B2 for the makeover alongside Latrice, thanks for coming to my Ted Talk.
  7. I was doing well until Tweedledumb, Tweedledumber and Tweedledumberer decided to give everyone a 30 just for showing up.
  8. If we’d have stuck to me nominating, we’d be on the final vote by now
  9. 1. Justina & Sasha 2. Johnny & Britt 3. Skai & Alan 4. Kaitlyn & Artem 5. Nev & Jenna 6. Daniela & her mannequin
  10. Nelly would’ve been in the B3 if the judges knew how to do their job.
  11. @~Tom~ DeLa didn’t win five in a row. She was just safe between her fourth and fifth win.
  12. Nelly really about to rob Skai & Johnny, and these three knuckleheads will be to blame for it.
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