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  1. Disney, you can’t claim credit for Star Wars! Especially given the films you’ve output…
  2. Well neither were released on VHS so we already know this with you
  3. If only there were three judges, an in-house mentor and a guest mentor on hand to tell hi— Oh.
  4. Also… why is he singing a song about Latino culture when he isn’t?
  5. @*Wallace Cassandra was what my comment was in reference to
  6. And I thought nothing could more offensive to goats than Carmen Rasmussen…
  7. Already cringing thinking of how much the judges are be up his ass after this
  8. Probably because the judges know Hollywood Records are going to make her sing generic pop music if she wins
  9. Alyssa's up now and Arthur is after her? Nice of Idol to put the trainwrecks back-to-back.
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