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  1. Only three people left before the Top 10. Any guesses on who misses out?
  2. 14. Carly Smithson Average Score: 13.25 Rankings: @Alex95 - 7th @Elliott - 7th @NGM - 10th @Zoey - 13th @Solaris - 14th @*Chris - 15th @1234567890 - 18th Public - 22nd
  3. #14 is ready if anyone wants to spam the thread!
  4. lol I found the actual Top 24 ranking from last year. It was in the second tab of my spreadsheet LaToya London Tamyra Gray Nadia Turner Jessica Sanchez Jordin Sparks Chris Daughtry Mandisa Trent Harmon Paris Bennett Elliott Yamin Trenyce Brooke White Avalon Young George Huff Kristy Lee Cook Fantasia Barrino Angie Miller Quentin Alexander Phil Stacey Nikko Smith Ruben Studdard Rickey Smith Anwar Robinson Tyanna Jones
  5. Lol yeah I must have messed up the algorithms in that spreadsheet since last year so ignore that ranking but those were the 24 names
  6. ...did we collectively hallucinate a LaToya win bc my spreadsheet from last year says Tamyra ranked higher
  7. Honestly, it's what I deserve for thinking 12 rankers could produce a good group of finalists
  8. Also, in response to Alex's comment, Kim was not in the Top 24 last year. The Top 24 was (repeats bolded): Tamyra Gray LaToya London Jessica Sanchez Trent Harmon Chris Daughtry Elliott Yamin Angie Miller Jordin Sparks Avalon Young Paris Bennett Nadia Turner Mandisa George Huff Ruben Studdard Trenyce Quentin Alexander Phil Stacey Nikko Smith Brooke White Rickey Smith Anwar Robinson Kristy Lee Cook Fantasia Barrino Tyanna Jones
  9. 15. Kimberley Locke Average Score: 13.625 Rankings: @*Chris - 3rd @Zoey - 7th @1234567890 - 11th @NGM - 15th @Elliott - 16th Public - 16th (tie) @Alex95 - 20th @Solaris - 21st
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