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  1. Beyoncé and Gaga gave us an easy winner for this Rankdown and y’all through it away!!!
  2. Saving: Tadd Gadduang Jess LeProtto Vincent Desjardins Christian Millette Matt Flint Aaron Turner And keeping one of my saves for later
  3. I kept my promise to my group to spare The Prayer but she has plenty of performances left and those two are some of my least favourites of hers.
  4. @Steven_ and I are cutting: Jessica Sanchez - Stuttering Jessica Sanchez - Bohemian Rhapsody
  5. Our group is cutting: DeAndre Brackensick - I Like It Hollie Cavanagh - Perfect Joshua Ledet - I Believe And saving: Skylar Laine - Gunpowder & Lead
  6. Daniel Baker’s Instagram lately has been a MESS. Someone get that poor boy a therapist.
  7. Also saving: Everett Smith Edson Juarez Sam Malseed And the most adorable married couple ever Claudia Primeau and Francis LaFreniere
  8. Advancing: Miles Faber Jeanine Mason Nick Young
  9. Saving: Nick Lazzarini Vivian Cardoso Gomez Ashlé Dawson Kupono Aweau Caitlynn Lawson Bree Waslyenko And none for Mel Gibson apologist Eliana Girard and Trump Voter Ashleigh DiLello
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