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  1. At first glance, she looked like a floating head (her clothes blended into the background)
  2. Some of my favorites are not on the list: Caroline Glaser (S4) Midas Whale (S4) Corey Kent White (S8) The Bundys (S16)
  3. Added! *** Thanks for making the "Vote for Rachel" image. Reposted on a new page (will repost on May 10 too):
  4. BLAKE: Anna Grace - Rescue (Lauren Daigle) Cam Anthony - A Change Is Gonna Come (Sam Cooke) Emma Caroline - Rainbow (Kacey Musgraves) Jordan Matthew Young - Bad Moon Rising (Creedence Clearwater Revival) Pete Mroz - Wonderful Tonight (Eric Clapton) JOHN: Carolina Rial - Big White Room (Jessie J) Pia Renee - Missing You (Tina Turner) Ryleigh Modig - Valerie (Amy Winehouse) Victor Solomon - All of Me (John Legend) Zania Alake - Killing Me Softly (Roberta Flack) KELLY: Corey Ward - Fix You (Coldplay) Gihanna Zoë - Halo (Beyonce) Kenz
  5. Zae better be careful or he could be a victim of "protocols".
  6. Since playoffs is still 11 days away, let's dust off ye olde crystal ball and predict what the Top 20 will sing. BLAKE: Anna Grace Cam Anthony Emma Caroline Jordan Matthew Young Pete Mroz JOHN: Carolina Rial Pia Renee Ryleigh Modig Victor Solomon Zania Alake KELLY: Corey Ward Gihanna Zoë Kenzie Wheeler Savanna Woods Zae Romeo NICK: Andrew Marshall Dana Monique Devan Blake Jones Jose Figueroa Jr Rachel Mac
  7. Added! Welcome to #teamRachel.
  8. Thanks for the GIFs,, @Bk1234. Rachel looked shocked when Nick picked her as winner. Followed by the worried look (for Zae) and then a look of appreciation to Nick. She has such an expressive face.
  9. Cam is such a good sport for playing Gronk to Andrew's Brady.
  10. Rachel Mac Savanna Woods Andrew Marshall Zae Romeo Cam Anthony Anna Grace Pete Mroz Kenzie Wheeler Pia Renee Gihanna Zoe Ryleigh Modig Dana Monique Zania Alake Victor Solomon Jordan Matthew Young Corey Ward Devan Blake Jones Jose Figueroa Jr. Emma Caroline Carolina Rial
  11. Added! While editing the first post, I noticed the video thumbnails of Rachel's performances and realized that both guys Rachel defeated are wearing glasses. I guess we can call her "Rachel, the guys-with-glasses slayer"
  12. Added y'all. I think Rachel is a big fan of Addison Agen, and her lane is more similar to Addison's than Marybeth's.
  13. Dana is the stalking horse. Rachel is the stealth TCO.
  14. Two hours left to vote for Savanna!
  15. Added! As Nick said, her growth during the show was exponential. Compare her KO performance vs her blinds, or even her pre-show videos, and one can see how much Rachel has grown in just a few months. I hope she gets another great song in the playoffs and have an even better performance than her KO.
  16. I love Rachel's KO performance. It's her best performance so far. I hope she continues to grow on the show and gives a better performance in the playoffs. Rachel and Zae KO is my favorite of all KO matchups this season.
  17. Sad to see Connor's journey on The Voice end tonight. He did the best he could with that song. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QytWDkkstg4
  18. Add me. I love her KO performance.
  19. Reposting on a new page, because Savanna needs our votes y'all.
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