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Best Live Performance Of S25


Pick one  

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  1. 1. Pick one

    • Karen Waldrup - Stay
    • Nathan Chester - try a little tenderness
    • Josh Sanders - angels (don't always have wings)
    • Asher Havon - I will always love you
    • Nathan Chester - a song for you
    • Madison Curbelo - yesterday
    • Maddi Jane - I'll never love again
    • Nathan Chester - Higher and higher
    • Serenity Arce - we can't be friends
    • Tae Lewis - 19+ you and me
    • Bryan Olesen - viva la Vida
    • Zoe Levert - Stick Season
    • Nadege - clocks
    • L. Rodgers - up to the mountain
    • Other (mention in comments)
  2. 2. Rate the live rounds

    • A+ (one of the best of all time)
    • A ( great)
    • B (Solid)
    • C (Average)
    • D (Below average)
    • F (one of the worst)

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Apologies if I didn't pick the right performances for certain contestants, but tbh, a select few contestants (Madison, Asher, Karen and especially Nathan who was top 2 in all 3 live rounds.) kinda dominated the live poll rounds with next to no votes for anyone else and it didn't really feel right omitting anyone from the top 12 on the poll.


But that's why the other option is there. Post the performance that's not on the poll and let's say a like on that post is a vote for said performance. (But still pick other on the poll)

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It’s close, there was no real all timer live performance for me but I really liked at least a few. I voted for Try a Little Tenderness, then Yesterday, Stay, and Last Dance are other favorites

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