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Best Episode 4 Auditioner

Best One  

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  1. 1. Accepted

    • Deida Jeudy - River by Leon Bridges
    • Elleigh Francom - I Can't Make You Love Me by Bonnie Raitt
    • Athena Jett - Somebody New by Sophia James/ Never Enough from The Greatest Showman
    • Quintavious Johnson - Alabaster Box by CeCe Winans
    • Lillian Hackett - Tennessee by Herself
    • D.J. Williams - Jealous by Labrinth
    • Anna Grace - The Prayer by Celine Dion and Andrea Bocelli
    • Dave Fio - Save Me by Jelly Roll
    • Reagan Mills - Easy on Me by Adele/Is My Living in Vain by Clark Sisters
    • Alyssa Raghu - My All by Mariah Carey
    • Amari - Toxic by Britney Spears/ She Used to Be Mine from Waitress
    • Conall Gorman - Backseat by Himself
    • Michael Rice - Because of You by Kelly Clarkson
  2. 2. Rejected

    • Payton Riley - Fireflies by Herself
    • Jacob Holcombe -
    • Julia Davo - Life on Mars? by David Bowie

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1. Quintavious Johnson - This was the best of the night so far. He has a big voice with lots of range. Great song choice for him and he slayed it. I would like just a little bit more runs from him. 


2. Alyssa Raghu - Glad to see Alyssa back! She sounded amazing here and improved massively. I am a huge fan of her. I loved her personality as well. I loved how sweet and encouraging she was to her friend. I will be supporting her all the way. 


3. Amari - I didn't like her on the first song. It felt too weird for me. Jax had the best version of this song so far along with Spleen's. Amari was amazing on the second song. She felt more connected and poured emotions into it. I felt that. 


4. Deida Jeudy - She has tons of potential and an amazing voice. Loved the rawness and the power in her voice. She's holding back a bit and still has more to give us. I loved what she did besides that. 


5. Elleigh Francom - She has a beautiful tone in there and I can hear lots of emotions. She is still a bit green, but I can see her having a growth arc. She's going to get better.


6. Michael Rice - Great voice but wrong song for him. Singing Kelly Clarkson songs is a death sentence. If you are going to sing a Kelly Clarkson song, then sing her song better than her or match your voice with hers. He didn't do that. I wouldn't recommend anyone to attempt to sing Kelly or Carrie on any shows if they can't handle it


7. Athena Jett - This girl did fantastic on her first song. I loved that. Her second song was major yikes as she was all over the place like she got ran over by a train. Not all contestants are going to sing loud and Iam is an example of that. 


8. Reagan Mills - He has a great voice and he sounded good in parts. As soon as the judges interrupted him, he got pitchy and all over the place. That was a trainwreck. I liked him better at the beginning. 


9. Dave Fio - He's got a good voice, but h was adding too many growls which turned me off. I didn't like that at all. I would like less growls and he is not even close to being Jelly Roll at all. It's a no from me dawg. 


10. Lillian Hackett - She's unique but it sounded off key and like she was singing from her nose. It was unpleasant. 


11. Conall Gorman - He has potential, but he was clearly nervous. He could use more experience. 


12. Anna Grace - I didn't get to see this one either.


13. D.J. Williams - I didn't get to see this audition on Youtube

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I'll begin with the eliminated contestants:


1.  Peyton:  If she wasn't so young, she could've gone to Hollywood.

2.  Julia:  She made me cringe, sad to say.

3.  Jacob.  Uh -- no.  He was montaged, so he goes here.


Now it's time for the ones who made it to Hollywood:


1.  Elleigh -- I thought she wouldn't be great but she surprised me.

2.  Quintavious -- best of the guys by a mile.

3.  Deida -- definitely has a lot of potential.

4.  Alyssa -- I would have ranked her higher had she not muscled into her friend's audition.

5.  Amari -- first song definitely was creative, but her second song was better.

6.  Michael -- he was fine, but that was the wrong song choice.  Never sing a Kelly Clarkson song on American Idol!

7.  Lillian -- she was good enough from what I saw of her.

8.  Conall -- he was pleasant enough.

9.  D.J. -- I only got to hear him in montage, but he was the best of those montaged.

10.  Reagan -- he began well but had problems in the middle.  Second song was a mess for me.

11.  Dave -- he used too many growls for me.

12.  Athena -- first song was fine.  Second song was horrific.

13.  Anna Grace -- I only got to hear her in montage, so she goes here among those who got less than three yes votes.

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  1. Elleigh - really nice rich tone, I want to hear if she has more power too
  2. Alyssa - even with her explanation afterwards I'm still not sure this sits right with me, but I'll try to judge on the merits of the audition itself, she was impressive on a hard song
  3. Michael - I actually don't mind him doing this song, he's no Kelly but he clearly felt it and showed some impressive vocals, interesting tone too. I did feel like it was getting a little overexerted by the end
  4. Amari - she convinced me on the second song, I usually like versions of this song because it's emotional and has such good lyrics, and her voice was strong too
  5. Deida - this song is overdone but I don't really mind as long as they get the emotion in it, she's young and some imperfections show but overall a good audition
  6. Quintavious - I have to admit this style of singing, he was really good and I'm sure that's how it's supposed to be sung, but it's just too much for me
  7. Athena - nice job on the first song, I think we saw by the second one that it's the jazzy style she should stick with more
  8. Reagan - why do they always have to interrupt like this lol, he was clearly struggling by the end. honestly not sure what to make of the second song
  9. Conall - nice tone, different than I was expecting. Voice wasn't that great though imo.
  10. Dave - I agree too many growls and not a very pleasant sound. I think he could improve a lot if he reins that in
  11. Lillian - the tone was fine with me tbh, but from what I heard the song didn't impress me much
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