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Favourite performance from Nini Iris and Mac Royals


Pick one  

30 members have voted

  1. 1. Nini

    • I see red
    • Heart of glass
    • Karma police
    • River
    • Lovesong
    • No time to die
    • Mad world
  2. 2. Mac Royals

    • Gravity
    • How deep is your love
    • Lost without you
    • Untitled (how does it feel)
    • I can't make you love me
    • Love TKO
    • I wanna know

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Goddamm, untitled is running away with it. Lol.


How much do yall actually enjoy the performance though? Would you have it in your top 10, maybe top 5 performances of the season?


I think I'd have it top 10 at least.

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I´m convinced Playoffs Mac is a different person. The confidence, the range and overall performance was phenomenal. Top 5 of the season indeed, nailing a classic. What happened after (and before), I don´t know. Untitled.


I loved Nini´s BA and I was worried she wasn´t gonna top it, but she did with Lovesong. My pick.

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