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6th most overdone song: Landslide by Fleetwood Mac



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  1. 1. Best US Version

    • Suzanna Choffel
    • Lina Gaudenzi
    • Kat Perkins
    • Taylor Brashears
    • Whitney and Shannon
    • Chloe Kohanski
    • Gracee Shriver - Can't Find hers
    • DeSz
    • Rowan Grace
  2. 2. Best UK Version

    • Mike Ward vs Emma Jade Garbutt
    • Liam Walker - No Video and No Chair
  3. 3. Best Australia Version

    • Karise Eden
    • Tamekea Powell
    • Kelly Read
    • Michelle Cashman
    • Emma Sophinia
    • Finnian Johnson vs Kaylee Bell

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1. Chloe Kohanski

2. Suzanna Choffel

3. Kat Perkins

4. Lina Gaudenzi

5. Whitney and Shannon

6. Desz

7. Gracee Shriver

8. Taylor Brashears

9. Rowan Grace


Chloe wins this in a landslide (pun intended). The other performances just didn’t really stick out much.


UK- Mike Ward vs Emma Jade Garbutt by default



1. Finnian Johnson vs Kaylee Bell

2. Emma Sophina 

3. Karise Eden

4. Kelly Read

5. Michelle Cashman

6. Tameaka Powell


A few of these could get second in my USA ranking. 



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(ok not really, but I do think hers is really underrated)


With how often we get this song I would’ve thought it’s most overdone for sure lol, surprised it’s only 6th.


Karise was the one with the crazy good BA + super unique voice right? I don’t watch international versions but even I know about that. Gotta check her out more.

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Chloe was the one to make her performance a damn revelation, nobody else came close tbh. In fact, it's a song that's hard to do since most renditions lack a lot of the emotion. Chloe probably did a once in a lifetime version of that song, it was that good.

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