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Redbone by Childish Gambino  

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  1. 1. Who did it better?

    • Anthony Alexander (S13)
    • MaKenzie Thomas (S14)
    • Foushee (S15)
    • Roderick Chambers (S18)
    • Kevin Hawkins

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Voted for Fousheé based on memory, but I should've listened to them, because my actual opinion is different.


I also want to say that this is one of the most difficult songs people could sing in a talent competition. It's full of falsetto, and it's even harder to make your falsetto as haunting and convincing as Donald Glover's falsetto in the original. It's one of those where people will always negatively compare you to the original, and I give kudos to any singer who chooses this song, because it's a beast.

  1. Roderick Chambers - The most vocally dominant cover. Absolutely phenomenal.
  2. Anthony Alexander - Honestly thought his voice was so soft and pretty, even if it didn't quite match the attitude of the song. On a vocal level, I thought this was a success.
  3. Foushee - She did so many cool things with her voice on this one, even though not everything landed for me.
  4. Kevin Hawkins - Oh, I've got thoughts about this one. The falsetto was too much. He has such a beautiful voice, but it felt like he was just trying to demonstrate his gigantic range instead of, like, emoting through the music or feeling the song. And some of his falsetto was piercing and painful to listen to (especially when he hit the absolute highest notes), and some of it was pitchy. Overall kinda a mess in my opinion, and I was shocked at how much praise I saw for it on social media. The parts where he ditched the falsetto were very good, and I'm shocked he didn't stick with it more when he hit the chorus.
  5. Makenzie Thomas - One of my S15 favorites, but this was a pretty rough start and very pitchy. It's kinda a good thing she didn't get any chairs, because she really belonged on S15.
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Fousheé (A-): Not as well-rounded as Roderick -- the beginning wasn't perfect. However, I have to give her credit because she had some very impressive moments. Plus, Fousheé walked so Constance Howard could run! 🤩

Roderick Chambers (A-): Technically very sound. I thought this was good, but there wasn't a huge WOW moment, like there was with Kevin's, for example.

Kevin Hawkins (B+): Also not 100% perfect, but overall had some really impressive stuff. I wasn't a huge fan of his chest voice at the beginning, but his falsetto was impressive and I really enjoyed his belting at the end.

MaKenzie Thomas (B+): Yes, this performance definitely wasn't perfect and I can see why MaKenzie didn't turn chairs here, but I honestly thought there were some nice parts to it. Her big note was quite impressive, especially in contrast to a lot of the lighter, run-heavy stuff she did on Season 15.

Anthony Alexander (B-): I don't think he was bad necessarily, but this cover has never worked for me. I don't think I am a big fan of his tone.

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